Thursday, May 17, 2012


Two nights ago, just as I did decades ago, for the premier of A Hard Day’s Night, I stood in line again for the Beatles. Just like with A Hard Day’s Night, it was rainy, as I stood elated in a long line with a lot of happy Beatle fans. This time it was all about George. The film, called Living in the Material World, was directed by Martin Scorsese.
As I watched this deeply mesmerizing film that same feeling came over me… I'm still crazy about the Beatles all these years later! The film was exceptional, extraordinary, and something I believe George himself would've been proud of. It was also the longest amount of time I've ever spent in a movie theater in my life, four hours total. But they were four sublime hours. My girlfriend and I danced joyfully in our seats, singing every word from the first note forward.
I still can't get over how much anything Beatles still gets to me. And I mean get to me. The Beatles are certainly the soundtrack to my life. They represent my entire world! I have cherished memories of Aunty and Uncle D taking me to see the Beatles in person when I was a little girl many years ago. And now, its great having this tie-in linking Aunty and Uncle D to all my Beatles memories. It's really very cool. And even better, they loved the Beatles too!
I remember a few summers ago when I went to see Paul McCartney at Fenway Park. I screamed so loud for so long that I actually got TMJ. My jaw hurt for three weeks following the concert. I mean imagine a perfect summer night deep in the middle of Fenway and Paul McCartney takes center stage and starts singing Baby you can drive my car! It was really so over-the-top for my soul and psyche I thought I was flying. I wanted to leap out of my seat and just fly across Fenway. And, that's exactly what it felt like with every single note, and groove, and move, that Sir Paul made. He always amazes! When he sang The Night Before, and Band on the Run I actually gushed and swooned. How often does anything make you gush and swoon?
On a trip to New York City recently I loved looking up seeing the enormous Beatles Ads for Apple. I get this eternal jolt like I will live forever when I get any brush with the Beatles. They represent so much more than just the music. They still matter. And something tells me they always will.          
 I'm off for now… A friend is calling and I think it’s about getting tickets to Ringo Starr's upcoming concert. And tomorrow night they're showing Yellow Submarine at a nearby theater. I can't think of a better way to spend a Friday night than in a Yellow Submarine with a million Beatles fans. Okay, so there may not be a million people in the movie theater, but I know in my heart that's what it will feel like for me. The Beatles still excite me like nothing else. From their music, their movies, and all the stories about them I am smitten to the highest degree every single time. So, this is Renee Gold reporting from Boston….Beatlemania is alive and well… and quite frankly, it’s stronger than ever. The magic in the air that surrounds every song they have ever sung (collectively and as individual artists)has somehow made its way into my DNA. The Beatles are a part of me now. They represent my youth, and of all my years with my Aunty and Uncle. Why would I ever want to let go of that? 

If you haven't seen A Hard Day’s Night in a while, do yourself a favor and turn it on. I promise you you will not be disappointed. Like everything else having to do with the Beatles, your expectations will be exceeded. They are Still exciting and entertaining….and yes, their music is fab too.
Renee Gold May 10th 2012


MinistryOfScience said...

My favorite part of Hard Days Night is in the beginning when the girls are chasing the boys and George falls flat on his face on the sidewalk (at full speed), bounces back up and laughs like he really enjoyed it.

Michael said...

As you stated that you can never forget the Beatles. Who can? Your angel aunty and uncle D are all wrapped up in the rapture of the Beatles. This synergy will lasts a lifetime as the magic continues even now! Baby, you can drive my car!

Anonymous said...

Beatles forever!
Angel aunty forever and ever!
Renee and Ageless with Aunty forever and ever and ever!

Renee Gold said...

Thanks so much... i wanted to say Yeah Yeah Yeah....

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