Thursday, May 31, 2012


Since Aunty passed I have been making some new friends. What could be better than forming bonds and bringing new people into your life? And, here at Ageless we don’t discriminate. No one is too old or too young to be my friend. Take Baby G for instance. At six months old she is my youngest friend. Baby G is absolutely perfect and looks (at least in this picture) like a Baby Buddha.
As it turns out, she is as wise as Buddha too. She taught me to be more calm and quiet without saying a word. One day when I was meeting Baby G and her parents, I was in a gleeful rush to see her. When they arrived at the restaurant I ran over to the baby and started gushing and almost screaming with delight. I was just so happy to see this precious child. However, I may have been a little too happy. I was so excited I must have been talking in a loud tone and she started crying! When I stepped back, took a deep breath, and paused for a moment, she stopped crying. I realized this was little Baby G’s way of teaching me to calm down. It’s as simple as that. But, I still jump up and down with glee when I know I am going to see my G. Then I walk up to her calmly as if it’s no big deal that I am about to hold the world’s cutest baby!
The other new friend I have is the highly creative, talented, and utterly amazing Zev.

He’s what I call a master photographer. He sees things in a different perspective. You can view his OUTSTANDING work on Flickr
 under Fiddle Oak, and see for yourself.
Zev at work
  I promised I wouldn’t rave too much about him because I certainly don’t want to embarrass him. But, I personally believe he is a creative genius! There is nothing he can’t do. I learn so much when I am around him and he’s only 13 years old! Whether he is solving some complicated mathematical equation, quoting Shakespeare, or pointing out a distant star, my brain grows simply by association. He is also a lot of fun to hang out with. Sometimes we just sit in the back seat while the grown-ups drive and he shares his mother’s delectable chocolate cookies with me. A playful child and a brilliant man all in one! Zev will go very far in life (maybe even to another galaxy) and he will do great things. His is one email address I am holding on to. In the meantime, next time I see him I will be sure to ask him if the theory of cosmic inflation is correct?
Zev, Baby G, and a couple of other new friends that I have not written about yet are enriching my life in profound and wonderful ways.  I feel as if my late Aunty is reaching down from heaven and handing me precious gifts in the form of new pals! Since this blog was inspired by Aunty, she is just keeping it real. Now I have ageless and priceless friends for my ageless blog. They are wise, beautiful, smart, loving and kind just like the woman who placed them on my path.
Thanks Aunty…..


Michael said...

Only at Ageless, can Renee meet younger friends! It is said that younger friends, gives you the feeling, aliveliness, and energy of youthfulness. Horah to your Ageless quality that you are also instilling and inspiring in us.

Anonymous said...

Renee, only you know how to make really young friends. I think angel aunty is helping you. True friendship of any age is wonderful and a gift. Enjoy, and there is nothing like a Baby Buddha!

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