Saturday, June 9, 2012


Doing the Ageless with Aunty thing

This is my young niece Rosie in a fashion show. Right after this picture was taken I ran backstage to give her a big hug and compliment her on a fabulous job. Her friend's mom asked about my blog. Rosie knows the motto here is: how to live well, have fun, and remain ageless in any economy. She said, "Aunty, if I follow your blog will I look as young as you when I am your age?" I took that as a compliment and told her of course she will! But, the only way to find out for sure is check back in with Ageless with Aunty thirty years from today, and if Rosie looks something like she does here, you'll know it works! I can save you some suspense though...following this blog helps instill an ageless attitude and healthy lifestyle. I have proof at the end of this post! Because here at ageless we don't stay down for long. We let things go! We eat healthy foods, we pray, and we love every moment of life...We are thankful for who we are!
And, speaking of runways....I heard there are some other super models who read Ageless with Aunty. Here is one of my favorites, Kate Moss. I apologize for the cigarette. Certainly that is not a way to stay healthy or to have fun. But, when you look like Kate Moss it's probably fun just to wake up and look in the mirror. It's probably a trip buying clothes that are a size one, and have every door open for you, and opened too.

We can learn from this picture though... I would like to say don't be jealous of gorgeous, rich, supermodels or the likes of. Jealously is not healthy nor is it ageless. Ninety-nine percent of the women in the world don't look like Kate Moss, and many of them are happy. The only reason I even posted such a glossy is... I think it's absolutely a stunning shot. I may not look like Kate Moss, but, I am happy for her. She makes the world a prettier place. If she really is reading Ageless with Aunty, I would like to ask her to replace the cigarette with a cup of green tea next time. Or, maybe ask her if we can take a picture together. Wow...what would that be like? Renee Gold posing with Kate Moss. I promise to tell you all about it, including her exercise and diet regime. We might not look like her, but, it's fun trying (as you can see below).

This is my Kate Moss imitation circa early eighties.
Kate was five.

I think following, and living out what is talked about on this blog does help with staying healthy, happy, and holy. Here is a picture of the author of  Ageless with Aunty  taken almost thirty years after the one above...


Michael said...

WOW to everyone and everything! Your niece has that professional model look, body, and walk. Renee, you are still gorgeous now as compared to then. Only following Ageless tips/secrets can someone be like you!

Anonymous said...

Well, Ageless and beauty are in the family genes. Good luck to your aspiring niece. She looks so cute!

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