Sunday, June 17, 2012


my jubilee
 Queen Elizabeth must have misplaced my address because I never received an invitation to her recent Diamond Jubilee! I caught glimpses of the historic event on the telly. In honor of the monumental affair, I picked up my tiara, plopped it on my head, and jumped into an awaiting limo. It was brill (I hear that’s what the Brits say when something is cool).  If you don't get invited to a party that you are hoping to... MAKE YOUR OWN!  Like the Queen says (when everything is going well)…..Tickety-Boo!
In the true spirit of the magic surrounding this blog.... while I was writing this post, I actually received an email from Buckingham Palace! I had sent the Queen a note and it looks like it was received. Or perhaps she has seen my recent post about my prized tea collection. I would imagine at this rate, I will be among the party guests for Prince William's upcoming 30th Birthday Bash! Since it's only a few days away, I will keep the limo running and the champagne on ice. And there's always a Tiara or two by my tea cup. And if by chance Kate forgets to invite me.... I will simply throw my own 30th Birthday Bash again. The last one was totally BRILL!


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

In a world of wars/tribulations, a smile is always welcome relief! Thanks, Miss Ageless.

Michael said...

I guess if you were forgotten on the invitation list, it's great to throw your own party. Renee, you always know how to have fun, and to keep entertaining and amusing us.

Anonymous said...

Who needs a ticket when you are Renee, the Ageless Blogger! Nothing stops Renee from finding another way to make life enjoyable, and memorable. I suppose we should not let life get boring, or disappointing.

Dale Fournier said...

Love your tiara, can I borrow it?

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