Wednesday, October 31, 2012

HALLOWEEN WITH MITT & AUNTY (well sort of)...

Keeping up Aunty's tradition of making the children happy on Halloween I made sure I had plenty of treats on hand. I even wore Aunty's fury purple bat ears. And since I am white as a ghost and was not wearing any make-up I looked pretty scary. Considering Aunty loved giving everyone a little Halloween thrill my ghoulish look was very apropos.

When the neighborhood children started ringing the doorbell I let the pinging black bats (from the top of my head) go out first and then I appeared with my glowing Halloween Crystal Ball. I told the little ones they had to press the button for some candy/cookies/ and treats! When the orange button is pressed this funky skeleton flashes in many different colors, and with leaves flying and eerie music playing he says "Enter if you dare," and then laughs in a fiendish way. The children love it!

Then I would present them with two enormous bowls of treats. They had a choice between boxes of Oreos or Angry Bird cookies. It was a tie. The younger children gasped in delight over the Honey Maid Birds and the older ones (including a ten year old wearing a blue suit, a red tie, and smoking a big plastic cigar who told me he was Mitt Romney) liked the Oreos. Because I was balancing bowls of snacks and my Halloween crystal ball, I wasn't able to take a picture of the little candidate like I wanted to. But earlier in the day I captured a few haunted houses. 

Now that it's nine o'clock in the evening...the doorbell has stopped ringing. I am going to indulge in some of the left over Oreos. If Lorie and her new man come over we'll play that Halloween Classic....Monster Mash and dance around my place just like we used to do with Aunty. Aunty loved all the fun, magic, children, and candy that we celebrated and thoroughly enjoyed during our many Halloweens together. By keeping up all our traditions its like she is still right here!
Aunty's Halloween Pumpkin 2008

What may I ask did you give out for Halloween this year? Did you eat too much candy yourself? Was anyone dressed as Mitt Romney? Did you make the children happy.....


brianamet said...

Glad to see you were festive for Halloween.

Michael said...

You sure know how to celebrate each festive season. I hope angel aunty was a good and playful goon. I agree that we must continue our/your tradition to celebrate, have fun, and create a joyous and playful atmosphere for all kids at heart.

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