Saturday, March 30, 2013


Bright Colored Easter Eggs remind me of Aunty! Everyone in the family knows that Easter was always one of Aunty’s favorite Holidays.

We couldn’t get enough of her cookies and eggplant which she loved to make for the holiday. She prevented family feuds by always making extra! But, like me, Aunty was a kid at heart and loved the candy, and coloring the Easter Eggs. I can still see her face and feel that joy that she radiated at this special Holiday, and, for us a Holy Day.

 Recently Aunty’s grandchildren were keeping up her tradition of coloring Easter Eggs. They had planned to make the pink, purple, blue, yellow and green ones like she did.  When one of the children lifted the egg out of the coloring….well, Nana Helen (Aunty to me) was so happy in spirit that she was being remembered by all her great grandchildren carrying on one of her many holiday traditions, she made sure one of the eggs had her name on it! Here is the picture they sent me. Aunty’s name is Helen and suddenly there was (what appeared to be) a Big "H" emblazoned on the Pink Egg.

Happy Easter to all….

Aunty you bring us all joy. Remembering you and carrying on in your name is the greatest privilege and how I chose to live my life now.


Renee Faith and your beloved family….

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MinistryOfScience said...

Nice post, Renee. A wonderful memory.

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