Wednesday, March 20, 2013


On the Steps of MIT
Those of you who have been following Ageless with Aunty for a while now may remember that back in the summer of 2011 I started talking about pulling a rabbit out of my hat! I said I had something BIG up my sleeves! Well, I was all geared up for something pretty spectacular and then my entire world collapsed with the news of Aunty’s illness and subsequent death. I can tell you now that it has taken a long time to heal with such a loss. However, you may also remember me saying that I vow to live out Aunty’s Legacy of Love and to steep my life into EVERYTHING that is GOOD just like Aunty did. So, I am super pleased and excited to say that I am MOVING ON UP. HERE I AM on the steps of MIT in Cambridge. I was attending a meeting for people like me who invent things. This is not for MIT students but a group that meets there. All that wonderful energy that surrounded me back in the summer of 2011 is here tenfold. I am going to do something amazing and make a product that the whole wide world will love and it’s all for and in the name of Aunty! She saw what I was creating before she passed and I have her blessings and beyond. Or, shall I say from beyond. I am not able to disclose what I am making as yet, but, I will soon enough.
I share this all with you because for anyone who has had to put a dream on hold for various reasons, NOW IS THE TIME TO get back to work. If the dream is meant to be you must start taking action TODAY! Those who know me well tell me I am the poster girl for PERSERVERENCE. I am starting to have my success now. I decided it was time. I have called upon Angel Aunty and she hears me Loud and Clear. I am living into my dreams and it feels quite extraordinary. To be more specific. For anyone going to see the new film OZ the Great and Powerful look for, or remember a scene when the Wizard is floating in a huge iridescent bubble over and across the land. That would give you an idea of what it feels like when you are true to yourself and follow your heart!
You soar. And soaring is pretty special if you ask me. And, best of all I am closer to Aunty. Magic would be one good way to describe it.


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

'Follow your bliss always!'

brianamet said...

Going to see OZ on Monday...all the best of everything to you!

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