Friday, May 3, 2013


Author of Ageless (left)
Today is May 3rd. That means it's my birthday. And, at my age all the numbers are BIG. If I had any other lifestyle and attitude those #'s could be scary. But, have no fear AGELESS IS HERE! In this above photo I am posing with my much younger sister who happens to be (by all accounts) stunning! Let's face it, she's down right gorgeous. However, I can stand next to her and smile, hopefully holding those seven years I have over her because of what THIS BLOG is all about. I am fortunate that I have connected with my inner child and keep up my zest for life. When you scroll around any and all prior posts on this blog you will see why I can smile brightly and confidently even when I am standing next to my beautiful baby sister. As the author and advocate of Ageless with Aunty I feel like the numbers really don't matter. Go back to my very first post for proof.

So, my birthday gift to anyone who follows Ageless with Aunty is this post and all the others. I hope I am clearly showing that with a change in attitude and some healthy lifestyle changes like drinking green tea and more water, or adding extra green vegetables to your shopping list can and do make a difference. And, when friends or family ask you to join them in any activities...well, just do it. Getting out and about is the best thing you can do for yourself. That was surely our late Aunty's secret.

Last, but not least... wear your sunscreen! I just came back from seeing one of Boston's top dermatologists. She told me the best thing anyone can do to stay younger looking longer is to "continue to wear your sunscreen..."
it's fun to wear a faux tattoo sometimes
The moral of this Birthday tale is if you don't want to fear the large number of candles on the cake simply make it a point to have a healthy diet and let your inner child out any chance you can. For help with the latter we are here!

P.S. please don't forget to meditate....that's a gift we can give ourselves any time, any place! For exceptionally busy people five minutes a day will do and fear will start to dissipate.


Anonymous said...

pretty not beautiful

brianamet said...

As ageless as YOU are, I seem to have not remembered your birthday..I need to take better heed of your advice in this blog...maybe a healthier body (and mind) will help me remember next year. Happy Birthday to a wonderful person!

Renee Gold said...

I appreciate all the emails too. For those who are emailing me. A blog post comment would be vastly appreciated. However, your kind words and the mere fact that you read my blog over all others means a great deal.

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