Sunday, May 12, 2013


She danced on table tops and jumped into fountains…she was reckless. I have had a long-time fascination with Zelda Fitzgerald (the wife of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald). And, as far back as 1974, when as a young girl I saw the movie version of his book The Great Gatsby, I have dreamed of lavish parties, and over-the-top living, exactly like you see in that film. Vintage champagne glasses (that were raised throughout that movie) appeared over and over again in many of my own fantasies and still do. Ever since being exposed to that film I have been drawn to everything first-class and spectacular!  Over the years I tried to understand my true desire for a lifestyle like Gatsby. When I dream of a house it’s a mansion in Newport, and the only cars that excite me are a Rolls-Royce or a "Duesy."  I longed to throw parties like Gatsby.
living out the pages of the jazz age 

I can remember renting hotel suites and filling the bathtubs with champagne. I am no shabby dreamer and a person who does whatever she can to live out her fantasies as best she can. Why not go for full-throttle living (ever so often). With the release of the new film Gatsby I had an opportunity to attend a colorful Great Gatsby theme party. Due to some pretty bad allergic reactions I couldn’t wear any make-up or heady perfumes (like my favorite from Paris) but, I didn’t let that stop me. I stepped out in thigh-highs, a boa and beads! I let my inner Zelda party girl (minus the heavy drinking) come to life! My friends and I danced all night and sipped Drambuie, while an impeccable band played music right out of the 1920’s. Songs like Five Foot Two and Shimmy like My Sister Kate truly brought that era right to my heart again. There was a moment, with the smell of liquor on my lips, a fast turn on the dance floor, and tickled by a passing boa, the 20’s were back and roaring! My entire being enjoyed the wonderful sensation of bringing such a high-spirited fantasy to life.  It was my Midnight in Paris moment. Zelda was there….Where were you?
Will someone pass the Absinth?
Stay tuned. In the coming months I will be blogging about Picnics and Tea Parties! You gotta have em…..


Holly said...

You look gorgeous!

brianamet said...

OMG...only the Great Renee could have dressed in colors to match the decor!!!!!!!!! Glad you had fun.

MinistryOfScience said...

Another fine post Rene. Lynne looks like she's had a few! I guess that's why they called it "roaring"!

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