Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Dear Friends…
Last night I experienced a rush of Aunty's love and missed her even more than I usually do. I called Grace. Gracie is/was Aunty’s best Pal. Gracie and I still talk about Aunty all the time.  I was out walking with my cell phone and it was dark. Just in the  moment that I said to Gracie I know she’s here I can feel it  this is what I saw. The entire road and street that I was walking down was plain black concrete. However, in a deep Aunty moment suddenly light appeared (from a passing car) and I saw flowers everywhere. I walked into what I call a bed of roses. I started crying. I felt like Aunty was saying I am sending you flowers from heaven! I love you Renee!
The timing is what gets me. The light flashed on the flowers in the moment I said she’s here. AND, I could have walked in so many other directions or paths. But, I was walking on that particular street at that particular Aunty moment. I do thank God that I am able to stay thoroughly connected with Aunty even in death. She’s my beloved Angel and her Aura still shines. I communicate with her daily. I clearly feel her reaching out to me. Her light still shines all the way from heaven. She still guides me along my path. She makes me happy. Thankfully the universe keeps her around. And will infinitely!
Amen. Sat Nam…Wahe Guru!
Before I hung up so I could wait for another car to pass and take this picture for you Gracie chimed in  “ I feel that little Love Face too and I always will!”
Aunty indeed has a gift to all those who follow Ageless with Aunty. Her vivacious, pure, and happy spirit grace this blog and is alive and well. I believe all who read it will be recipients of all that good energy that is AUNTY! She has endless joy and wonderful vibrations that I am receiving and passing on to you my friends and followers.  I am not aware of any other blog that can offer such a priceless and rare FREE GIFT!
with love,
In joy....
Renee Faith and Ageless Aunty in spirit



Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

"God does not give us the future. He gives us moments." Continue to treasure those moments.

brianamet said...

As always, you find the glow of love where ever you go. May Aunty always bring you strength.

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