Wednesday, June 26, 2013


When I first saw this precious little love Dove… I cried. They were some of the happiest tears I have ever shed. She's a miracle and she is, I say proudly, my great niece! Just like (our) “Aunty” before me I too am now a great aunty! And so this blog continues its Ageless with Aunty Legacy…
 The name of my little darling is Avery Grace. Even her name is perfect. We made a connection instantly. When she was first born and I held her for the first time I just started swaying back and forth gently and softly rubbing above and between her eyebrows. She loved it. Everything just came into alignment. She seemed extra comforted by this. And, best of all we completely connected. As I'm writing this I realize that was her third eye area. My little sweetie pie will be all-knowing. And as it is she's already extremely aware. My sisters and I are over the moon to have such a wonder of God to call our great niece. As for me, not having any children of my own, this baby is a part of me and I couldn't be happier. I will love being called Great Aunty Renee. I hope she puts “Ageless” in front of Aunty.
Visions this lovely inspire you. I have already written a poem about her. I bought her a special gift that we call “Nanny the Nun” and, I think of her morning, noon, and night. She is utterly amazing. Can't wait to go see her again and help her mom choose one of her little outfits for her to wear. I know Avery Grace knows how much I love her. I had a bond with her before she was even born. And that in itself makes me feel completely content. In the picture above see how she looks directly at me even at one day old!
I say to the readers of Ageless trust. Things always have a way of working out and they always work out for the best. Don't try to force or try too hard to make something happen. Whatever is meant to be already is in motion. The best you can do is breathe, relax, and believe. Trust the universe is supporting you. Because it is. And, like the song says…Love is all around.


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She is absolutely precious!! A darling dove!

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