Sunday, July 28, 2013


seeing a song...

What do your favorite songs say about you? What do they look like?
 When I think of my all-time favorite songs ever… My Sweet Lord by George Harrison, Full Force Gale by Van Morrison, and Oh Oh Child by the Five Stair steps  they all have one thing in common, they are spiritual, they are optimistic, they are full of love and light! It makes me so happy to realize this.  Special songs truly touch our soul.  The words to the songs I love so much capture and reflect what is inside of me. If my cells and synapses jumped out of my body and formed a piece of sheet of music it would surely be one of these ultra-fabulous songs!  They feel like a part of me. They are me! I could listen to them forever.
 Due to my profound passion for music there are at least a dozen more songs/artists in my all-time favorite list.  Here’s one more….
Crystal Blue Persuasion by Eddie Grey, Tommy James and Mike Vale. The song hit the charts in 1969 but sounds divine even now. This song fits quite nicely with my other favorites. And is aligned with my deeply spiritual theme. I love MY Songs! What are some of yours?
Here are the lyrics to Crystal Blue Persuasion:
 Look over yonder
What do you see?
The sun is a'risin
Most definitely

A new day is coming
Ooh ooh
People are changing
Ain't it beautiful
Crystal blue persuasion

Better get ready
To see the light
Love, love is the answer
Oooh ooh
And that's all right

So don't you give up now
So easy to find
Just look to your soul
And open your mind

Crystal blue persuasion
Mmm, mmm
It's a new vibration
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal, blue persuasion

Maybe tomorrow
When he looks down
On every green field
And every town
All of his children
And every nation
They'll be peace and good brotherhood

Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion
Crystal blue persuasion
This photograph was recently taken at the Quarry in Gloucester, Massachusetts. I took the picture myself and it’s absolutely one of the best snapshots I have ever taken! And, I think it captures the essence of many of my favorite songs...and thus....the essence of me.


brianamet said...

Switchboard Susan, Tighter Tighter, Don't Walk Away Renee...we are what we listen to.

Renee Gold said...

OMG.... I remember you taping all those songs for me! I still LOVE them....
Thanks so much for helping me keep this wonderful blog alive..... Aunty thanks you too!
She loved music and great songs as much as we do.

MinistryOfScience said...

Doot do-do doot-doot do dooooo, Livin' in the USA

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