Thursday, February 6, 2014


As an entrepreneur developing what I believe to be the next “IT” item, suddenly my life has become very exciting….so many things are happening. I have been to Harvard University, New York City, participated in a Visioning Conference at the Center for  Women & Enterprise, and even met a Macy’s executive! You will hear all about this journey in upcoming posts. But, before I go any further I MUST put everything in perspective and share these pictures of Baby Nathaniel!
Two wonderful friends of mine just adopted a newborn baby named Nathaniel. And, when I visited on Super Bowl Sunday I had the privilege of holding him ALL DAY! They started calling me “Aunty Renee” and I didn’t even have to ask. I was honored. I can see now that right before his eyes Baby Nathaniel’s family was being born. And I am his loving Aunty!
HI Aunty Renee
Like I mention above, I have been doing some pretty fabulous things lately BUT nothing compares to this. Holding baby Nathaniel is like holding the whole universe in my hands. Time seems to stop and you just relish the moment, the breath, the gift of it all, the pulse and heartbeat of life itself.
You can probably see that I am beaming in this picture. Babies do that to us. They can lower our blood pressure and de-stress us. So, if you don’t have children, or yours are too big to cuddle in your arms, you can stay here at Ageless with Aunty and I have plenty of baby pictures to go around.
I am always amazed at how the universe supports us in our needs.  I utterly adore babies and simply love to hold them and walk with them and fuss over them. It all comes naturally to me, but, I don’t have one of my own. Yet, all around me lately in the form of great nieces, best friends children, and now Baby Nathaniel, are the most beautiful and precious newborns. And, holding them is the only thing better than preparing to be the next best female entrepreneur on the planet! My soul and psyche are aligned with the big picture and I just ease into being part of it all when I carry a baby in my arms. What makes this all even sweeter is I instinctively know that I am also carrying on Aunty's legacy when I swoon over and connect with infants. For no one loved babies and children more than she did.
Come back soon for a balance between babies, and stories and struggles of an entrepreneur in-the-making.


brianamet said...

And the AUNTY tradition carries on!!!

Jessica Knight said...

Renee, I'm always amazed by your ability to open doors to such unique opportunities. You absolutely have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur - this is a great example of you putting your gumption to work!! :) Even in the midst of all this exciting progress, you still have a sense of what's truly important in life. It's very inspiring. Thanks for sharing in your blog!

Michael said...

What a bundle of joy!!! He looks so adorable and cute. You seem to catch his very attention and fancy. G-d provides exactly what you need in one's/your life, especially for you. This is another type of bridge to aunty's legacy- they are captivated by your sincerity and love.

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