Saturday, August 23, 2014


Tibetan Nuns during a ceremony...

Paying Attention with one of the nuns
When one seeks wisdom and tries to see things more clearly with more compassion for themselves and others, only then will we stand a much better chance of ultimately improving the whole wide world!
As always it starts with you.
Don't wait for your friends, your family, or your neighbors to practice more kindness, more awareness, spread more love and become more peaceful.
Have faith, and some comfort knowing that the universe supports you in your endeavors to make yourself AND it better...
A wise person will not necessarily transcend the problem...they will resolve and dissolve it. But you must face it first. And, generally speaking it's usually not as bad as you think.
Here at Ageless with Aunty we suggest you *Pay Attention* to how you are ACTUALLY living. Is someone or something trying to teach you something?
Stubbornness and Ego must be left at the door for us to truly create a happier world. Opening your heart right now is a good place to start.
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Anonymous said...

Wow...wisdom is here at the blog. Thanks for this quick insight.

Michael said...

Bringing awareness about our ego, stubbornness, and whatever that blocks our potential to look deep into ourselves to self-reflect, and improve our personal growth and development to more important issues in our lives. You are truly a wonderful person to desire and to continue to inspire us to a higher ideal for compassion and love to others and the world. I love that quote!!!

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