Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Give Bee's a Chance (not to mention Mother Earth)

We made history! WE, the three-hundred thousand plus marched in NYC this past Sunday in the LARGEST Climate Change March in History! It was utterly amazing. And, when I use the words "utterly amazing," in this case the participation in the march was indeed just that. It was exhilarating standing there in the streets of New York for a real cause and a real purpose. I felt proud as I stood there representing Nature! I truly felt like I was taking a stand for the air, the water, the birds, the bees, and the trees! Not to mention the future of the earth for my darling nieces, nephews, and God-children to thrive. My dear pal Helen marched for the Dolphins.

Stop the Freaking Fracking!

The Climate Change issue is a very hot subject and there is much to know and be aware of. I am only just starting to really pay attention to this and will educate myself and pass the information to my Ageless Followers. I can assure you this is a most deserving and urgent cause that we all need to pay attention to. Quite simply and literally, collectively we make all the difference in the world!

The power of people in the streets  and people like you spreading the word is the ONLY way we can overcome the financial power of the fossil fuel industry and get people to listen and make changes!

Everyone is concerned now...the old and the young!

What can you do you might ask. It is quite simple. Talk about this. Write to your congressman/woman, eat less meat, take shorter showers, ride a bike, consider a solar home, and do your part to recycle. And do whatever it takes to get the politicians to lean hard on the Fossil Fuel Companies and MAKE POLLUTERS PAY! Believe it can happen and continue to envision the world, cleaner, fresher, and safer for all. And eventually if we all believe and do our part it will be again. Just the way it was made for us. This is not for the next guy to fix. As soon as YOU believe you are responsible too, that is when we start to see real change.
Aunty Thanks you...
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Anonymous said...

I heard some other marchers are marching:
1. I am homeless- penguins
2. My home is sinking and shrinking- polar bears
3. Eating meat is not green. Picture of a green chicken.
4. Give earth a chance.
5. Who gives a hoot, don't pollute!
6. Stop the greedy fossil fuel corporations
7. There were so many other causes and signs.

Native Americans and even Leonardo de Caprio were there!

Michael said...

I believe in Climate Change and Global warming. The scientists, geo-researchers, all the experts and many others have provided their research, statistics, and facts on the changes in climate, environmental pollution and depletion of all natural resources, and habitats. It is so obvious that you just have to look outside your window at how our seasons have changed over the decades. Yet there are a large group of non-believers or skeptics.that do not acknowledge that mother earth is slowly and now rapidly being destroyed at an alarming rate. Spread the word to follow the activists' plan as there is No planet B!!!!! We need everyone in this fight.

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