Friday, June 26, 2015


I have a dear friend with great taste and fabulous jewelry. Whenever I comment on her amazing earrings and bracelets, and even the outstanding gifts she gives, she tells me everything is from Joy Raskin.  I recently went to visit Joy myself and was wowed with her talents. We have become friends. Those of you who have been following this blog know that I often discover some ultra fantastic finds even before Oprah, and with the mushroom coffee, even before Dr. Oz! So, before all of her work sells out, you will discover her first, through this blog!

Miss Raskin can make anything, and she does. Please take a moment to peek at her website, JOY or even better, go to one of her upcoming shows. You will see firsthand an artist in motion. Her jewelry, and gifts are surprisingly affordable.

You can take my word for it; I wouldn’t put anyone on this blog unless I truly believed they had talent and that I was sincerely offering my readers a true find. I believe you will be impressed with Joy. But, you really have to scroll around her site and her shows to see ALL! (the website may not be updated nor include all her creations)
 Fun facts about her. Joy LOVES and cares for Hedgehogs! No kidding. She calls them her “quilly kids.” I met one recently and they are like no other creature I have beheld. Hedgehogs are simply irresistible. Joy even bathes them and wraps them in little blankets. Anyone who loves and tends to little creatures like this, and has the same birthday as mine, May 3….well, naturally I would bond with them. And, Joy exceeds everything…She is a superior human being and a kind, compassionate, generous, artist extraordinaire.
So glad to call her my friend and thrilled and delighted to present her to YOU, my loyal readers. Joy Raskin: JOY

For a wonderful summer treat go and visit Joy Raskin at the Craftsmen’s Fair at the Mt Sunapee Resort in Newbury, NH this August 1-9th. 
MISS JOY RASKIN: Fine jewelry made from gold, silver, gemstones; unique flatware and serving pieces, and whimsical metal sculpture.

Most silver and gold is recycled, and many vintage components are used.  Made by hand in USA.



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