Monday, June 17, 2019


 Pearls and a Head Piece at a Friend's Recent Party 

Dear Ageless with Aunty Readers and Followers….

I feel like I am learning to smile again.
As most of you know I lost my darling Ming last June to a sudden cardiac arrest and it’s been a very tough grieving year. It's been six months since I posted!

There were times that I simply felt low, lost, and alone. I just wasn’t myself. It was an effort to even shower and maybe with one exception, I don’t think I wore a dress or make up until just recently (as seen above). But, God knows I had good reason to be sad.

Only now, with the help of friends and family, and time, am I even starting to smile again. and Ming is truly with me I just know it. And, he often told me what he loved most about me was my childlike joy. This is just another reason to get back up, keep smiling and carrying on! He is watching his “Sweetie!” His supersonic high spirited and soaring love from above lifts me higher and higher….

 Here are just a few recent examples of how friends and family have helped…..
I am feeling the L-O-V-E

They Dressed Up Just for Me!

 with my God Son at a Big Family Celebration
with my cousin the Pilot Extraordinaire whom 
we were "celebrating!" He still calls me "Nee Nee!"

For long time readers, the two young men (above) are Aunty's Great Grandsons

  Praying with My Beloved Mama and Great Nephew in Church
He Calls me "Aunty Nay!"
Proud Sisters Celebrating Ryder's Baptismal
We Follow Him Wherever He Goes

A Sacred Moment of Sacrament for my Great Nephew
The Holy Spirit (My BFF) Makes Me Happy 

Check out the song Full Force Gale by Van Morrison. The Soundtrack for this post.

And there will be more to come. I am blessed beyond measure...

Also, I wanted to let my loyal blog readers know that I am also on Facebook as Renee Gold!
So, say hi there as well.

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