Friday, May 25, 2012


The fountain of youth?

What does tea have to do with Memorial Day Weekend? Well, there’s iced lavender tea when relaxing on your hammock. Hibiscus berry ice-tea on the deck with friends, iced mint green tea for those Zen moments, and good old fashioned sweet ice-tea for front porch and backyard sipping!

I simply don’t picture myself doing anything anymore that doesn’t involve some type of tea. As I write this sitting at my computer, I am drinking an earthy Pu-erh (ancient tea)…and wow, what a kick. This beverage is so fine. The color is lovely, the taste, the smell, and even the tea cup. They all come together perfectly and these simple tea moments carry me a long way. These simple tea moments enhance the quality of my day to day life.
                                           iced matcha

Part of the fun of getting together with my friends is selecting which tea to serve. And, I am honored when my friend Carroll says “Tea taste better with you.”
a healthy six pack and then some

I am often asked what I use on my skin to stay young looking. The truth is I attribute white tea (known for anti-aging) to any glow that my skin might have. Drinking White and Oolong Tea have been a daily ritual for the last ten years.

Have you tried any new teas lately? I could suggest you try anything by Rishi Tea. They are an outstanding tea company with integrity towards tea. I did a little research and Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil both seem to like genmaicha, one of my new favorites. I discovered the pretty little bag (it’s like brown rice popcorn) in one of those tiny Asian markets.  This delicious green tea is highly drinkable. In Japan they call it “popcorn tea.”
A tea blog that you might enjoy is the Half Dipper. There is also Samavar Tea Lounge. And, I believe Upton Tea Company has close to EVERY tea on earth! I read their catalog like a novel.
They proably even have the tea to the right>!

Even Aunty (featured above) who had a lifetime love affair with coffee…..during the last seven years of her life (and some of her best), cherished our teas for two!
A high quality organic loose tea is suggested whenever possible for what I believe to be the healthiest brew under the sun.

Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary~ Chinese Proverb~



Carrie Lynne said...

I just got a Keurig coffee maker in which I also make tea in. I love the easy little kcups and it really does make good tea and cofffeee.

Michael said...

You are definitley more than a tea aficioando... you are more like a tea connoisseur! Thanks for the many tea suggestions, and options.

Anonymous said...

I like your new twist- a six pack of 'tea'. So much for my beer! Well, may be not. You are always sharing with us many ways to relax and enjoy... now tea. Cheers with my new cup of tea, not brew. Ha!Ha!

Anonymous said...

You did not say what was your favorite tea. You talked a lot about green tea in other posts. I suppose it is too hard to choose one. It may depend on your mood, situation, taste, and time of day. Hmmm.....

Simran said...

The green tea is really much effective and I always shop from Teaswan

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