Monday, September 17, 2012


Did you ever feel like you lost a part of yourself? When Aunty died last year a part of me went with her. I am on the path to reclaiming that joyful child-like Renee. The one who started this blog with pure joy in her heart with Aunty by her side.

If you look at the last post you could say I  am making a good comeback. The part of me that was taken away when Aunty passed is the part of me that was most like her. She was the quintessential child at heart. She loved to dress up in big hats and hide behind the door when I came home. She was always happy and radiant. Her smile could make your day. That youthful, vivacious, optimist is the part of me that I  like best and miss most. By reviving that part of myself in some way it’s like bringing Aunty back too. Or at very least, honoring her great indomitable spirit.  

Even though most of the pictures on this blog are happy ones, during the last year in the wake of losing Aunty, the times in-between those happy pictures were not always so bright. Whereas before Aunty passed as long as we were together we were happy ALL THE TIME. It has not been easy to carry on without her. And regardless of how it might appear on the blog, I haven’t been carrying on all that well without her until now. I feel like I am making a comeback (even though I still miss that girl with all my heart). She is the best part of who I am.
If you want to reclaim a part of yourself that has gone missing….just take some time to relax and pay attention to the voice/vision inside. It is time to reclaim the best part of yourself. And it’s never too late. Just throw your hands in the air and stand your ground. Shouting "I'm back" is optional.


brianamet said...

Nice to read that you are "back'! I know what it is to lose your "center*..the earth just falls out beneath you. I want to say that I have gained some "positivity" for myself reading your blog every day. Thank you!

Tonia said...

Renee, your advice to "reclaim a part of yourself that has gone missing" is so true for me right now. It's so hard to put my focus there, on my art, but I did and it felt so liberating to put colors on paper! Thanks for bringing your sunshine to us even when the clouds are in the way.

Dale Fournier said...

Getting a bit teary as I read this...I always remember the time we celebrated your birthday with Aunty. Snapping her fingers to the music in the car and strutting in her high heels!

I know her spirit is there supporting you.

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