Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Everything reminds me of Aunty. When I wake up to the singing birds I cannot help but think of her. She loved and appreciated the little creatures. She would behave with childlike glee when she heard the birds singing or if one nibbled crumbs by our feet when we ate outdoors.

The first thing I do when I get out of bed each morning is put out the eternal Aunty candle. I light it each night before bed and turn it off or blow it out (depending on which type of candle I use) every morning. The first words I utter as I greet each day are “Good Morning Aunty.” When I have my coffee I think of her. Coffee was Aunty’s most favorite drink of all. She could not get enough. She even graces my coffee cups. I see that smiling face with each sip. The picture above is proudly pasted to my coffee mug.

When I go outside my door the great big sun in the bright blue sky reminds me of Aunty (and these days more than ever). I know she is residing somewhere up there. When I walk down the street and see all the trees I vividly recall how often she would remark at the beauty and splendor of the trees. She was captivated by nature. We would always have to stop for her to take it all in.
Driving in my car I feel her sitting there so comfortably in the passenger seat. She loved being with me and it didn’t matter if we were going to a doctor’s appointment or a dance party….she was blissful. She was so content to be by my side.

Everywhere I go people still talk and ask about Aunty! I am not the only one who misses and remembers her.  Last night at a church meeting a lovely woman told me, “I still see Aunty sitting there.” Aunty would watch TV at the gym while I ran on the treadmill. Everyone loved saying hello and good-bye to my/our benevolent little “Aunty” as they passed.

These days Aunty talks back to me and that is the best part of all. There are too many messages from her to list here but she tries to reach me often and I welcome it. I see hearts everywhere from a drop of water, to my tealeaves, and even my hair elastics. Lots of things around me have suddenly started forming heart shapes.  I see hearts in the earth where I walk. I have the pictures to prove it.
When I was cleaning my house yesterday I found a book that Aunty loved…a little Betty Boop Guide to Life book! Betty Boop was one of Aunty’s favorite characters. When I saw the book I immediately thought of Aunty and smiled. I touched it tenderly and a voice came from inside the book that said….what Aunty used to say… “I’m Bettye Boop, Boop Boop Be-Doop.” I had no idea it was a talking book. But, I feel it’s just one more way of Aunty showing me that she is here and that she loves me more than ever.  The more I stop and think about it the more amazing It really is.
Aunty Gave Betty her Scarf
and even Miss Boop misses Aunty
Saying my prayers at bedtime particularly reminds me of Aunty. She relished saying her prayers aloud and it’s the last thing we did together every night and the last thing we did together period! And the fact that the porcelain feathered Angel, a gift that was placed by Aunty’s’ side when she got sick still glows (even before I hit the switch) is yet another  sign of Aunty’s’ presence. Aunty’s angel seems to miraculously turn on with a soft natural glow when I am sad and missing her most.
The fact that I wear Aunty’s frilly pink nightgown (the one I bought for her before she passed) and sleep under Aunty’s soft white comforter, it’s no wonder I dream of her too.

Don’t anyone get too worried. I don’t have an Aunty obsession. Under the circumstances it’s all quite normal. If you experienced a lifetime of selfless love and happiness, and pure unadulterated joy with someone as wonderful as Aunty, you would do all that you could to keep her spirit and that precious and sacred relationship alive!
I am here to share with you….your departed loved ones are closer than you think! And Aunty will always love you. So stay here with us where the love is….with Angels, with Aunty, and with me.



Trisha said...

All the connections you had and still have with Aunty are proof of your own Agelessness! When we stay connected to those we love, we expand our world due to the affect that their love have on our life. This blog is proof of that..
Thanks for sharing Aunty with us in such a clear way. What a Blessing she is to you and to us.
Sharing Aunty and sharing You with us is a great way to stay Ageless, indeed! xo

brianamet said...

Thank you for being the beautiful and thoughtful person that you are..and for sharing yourself with all of us.

Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Aunty was a gem! I'm glad I had a chance to meet her! Ciao!

Michael said...

We are love and want to feel a deep and meaningful connection with anyone or better with a loved one. Well Renee, you take the prize for this especially since it also after her passing. This stuff can be found in some movies, but in real life, I think it is really difficult to hear of such true experiences. Some of us want or are afraid of this experience. Enjoy her spirit and memories which is another milestone in the cycle of life.

Unknown said...

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