Saturday, November 24, 2012


Have you had a perfect cup of coffee lately?

Well, lucky for the readers of Ageless with Aunty (and no one loved coffee more than Aunty) we are proud to present HO, HO, Joe! From Beanstock Coffee! This is the perfect Holiday Coffee. It’s so good it deserves a Halo. It’s so good I bought two bags! It’s so good I have three friends coming over for more at four…

And as I drink a cup while I write this I can’t help but think maybe Angels really are involved in the roasting! This coffee is THAT good. Impress yourself, your friends, and your neighbors. Leave a cup out for Santa if you are really hoping for that special gift. HO HO Joe’s is irresistible. This is a top-shelf blend of the best beans money can buy. It's roasted up with vanilla, hazelnut and chestnut with“a warm cinnamon background.” It’s a pure delight to drink. I love cupping it in my hands and just taking a deep breath into the mug. The aroma alone is sublime.
Beanstock’s HO, HO, Joe has become my December/Holiday Drink. I plan parties around it, gifts, and it even brings to mind Christmas’s past. I sip to the wonderful warm memories of watching Aunty enjoy it. At the beginning of every Christmas season as we indulged in our first cup I loved to hear her cheerfully declare…. “This is good coffee.”

Enjoy some with sticky buns, black, with a dash of milk, or from a hot thermos on a cold day. I am in love with this stuff.

Please treat yourself or a fellow coffee lover today. A perfect cup of coffee is a simple yet profoundly enjoyable experience. And Beanstock makes it a refined one.
Tell them Aunty sent you…and you might find an angel in your cup.

HO, HO, Joe!




brianamet said...

Sounds delightful...can you purchase in stores or just over the net?

Renee Gold said...

You could call them and find out. THere is a store in Wellesley Mass a friend just told me about called Su Su's Bakery Boutique that has this marvelous coffee! you can certainly order online too.

Michael said...

You have offered another way to socialize and have fun- a coffee get together with an incredible aroma of a great coffee. We know that certain wonderful memories and events are remembered, and linked to certain foods and/or beverages like great coffee = wonderful aunty!

Anonymous said...

Coffee will never be the same without aunty or maybe not, unless it is Beanstock's HO,HO,JOE.

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