Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I would love to give the biggest shout out ever to Heaven....I need it to be so ENORMOUS. I'd like it to reach my late Uncle D. Uncle D was Aunty's husband and the man who raised me with tremendous TLC. He died nine years ago today with his entire family around him.

As I always share with you how often I get signs of my late Aunty's love. I am convinced she is with me always and her deep love continues to protect and guide does Uncle D's. I feel doubly blessed. Take for example this post. I did not have much time to write today and I wanted to acknowledge my late Uncle. All I have been thinking about all day is how he called me his "Little Chicken." I can still hear him saying "Hi Chicken" in the most endearing way. Well, as I was about to search the web quickly today for a picture that I could post I immediately found this one above. The hands reach down from heaven and are holding little chickens.

The site I believe is called Hands from Heaven!
Uncle D I believe you can hear me so I say...
"I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER! It was the greatest honor of my life to take care of your wife (my Aunty) for the last eight years of her life. And thank you for living your life for your family. We are deeply appreciative still. You and Aunty are the best part of who I am." You remain the epitome of selfless humility. It is so easy to see you both in everything good and wondrous.

When I have the time to learn photo shop I will superimpose a picture of Aunty and Uncle D's smiling faces in the above picture...


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Another treasured post!

brianamet said...

Ah, and to think we were lucky enough to meet them "back when". LUV U!

Renee Gold said...

just reminding the many kind people who send me such lovely comments via can post here too.
THank you.

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