Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 Calling all rock & rollers....
I called and emailed almost everyone I knew when I heard that Steve Miller aka the Space Cowboy and legendary blues guitarist would be playing at Tanglewood in Lenox, Massachusetts. Tanglewood is one of the top ten places in the country to see an outdoor summer concert. I knew I had to be there. I have followed Steven “Guitar” Miller since high school and his concerts are always so uplifting and incredibly fun! I knew that the concert grounds in Lenox are impeccable and the views spectacular. I knew the ride from Boston (even though it’s two hours) was sweet. James Taylor even sings about that road in his song Sweet Baby James. So I figured I would have tons of friends joining me. Well, to my surprise…no one was able to go! I realize it was on a Monday night but still….I really was surprised! But, naturally that didn’t stop me. Someone had to go and keep the ageless spirit of rock & roll alive.
the word groovy still makes me giddy
I knew that even though some of my friends had seen Steve Miller before they really didn’t have an idea of what they would be missing given the culmination of the ambiance of  Tanglewood, the lawn party I had planned complete with Blissful Martini’s, the summer night breezes that were beckoning, and just the phenomenal vibes of this particular setting. And, as one good friend just said… the best part would have been going to the concert with you, Renee!” Turns out she was right…..I singlehandedly turned Tanglewood upside down that evening. I proved to myself and to everyone around me that Rock and Roll is here to stay and that I am 100% true to this BLOG…I was told over and over that I “took fun into the stratosphere…and beyond!”  A handsome dude from California told me “We are moving our chairs near you!” Someone even asked me if I was with the band?

So to all my good friends and family who stayed home this is what went down on the quintessential summer evening of July 29th in a little sliver of New England…..

Ming (the man in my life) picked me up and we drove westward down the Mass Pike. The heavenly rays of sun after a summer downpour led the way.

We listened to the Beatles while nibbling organic pretzels and coconut oiled popcorn (absolutely the best snack ever).

As soon as we arrived to Tanglewood we set up our little lawn party picnic! It was glorious. The weather was perfect, the crowds growing, and the anticipation of a good time was palpable.

We popped the champagne and made what I call Blissful Martini’s. It’s actually champagne topped off with Altar’s Herbal Martini…which is an exotic concoction of things like rose petals and elder flower. I was high just from reading the ingredient list. The sexy bottle reads:

Captivate and delight your spirit with a base of WHITE GRAPES layered with GERMAN CHAMOMILE FLOWERS, SWEET ROSE PETALS, PANDON and SHISO LEAF extract, HIBISCUS, and ELDERFLOWER.

Tease your palate with OSMANTHUS OOLONG layered in an herbal tonic of LEMON BALM, L-THEANINE, ROSE FLOWER, TEA FLOWER and PASSION FLOWER.

Monday evening picnic at Tanglewood
To enhance this exceptional mix we brought along some exclusive dark chocolate infused with lavender and vanilla. Our divine picnic basket was brimming over with our favorite delights. We sat on the lawn sipping the sublime drinks and the only way it could have been any better is if YOU were there.

Steve Miller with famous Joker
logo on his gee-tar

We strolled around and made friends. As soon as we got back to our spot the music began….and for the rest of the evening…we danced, and danced, and danced until everyone came from all over the lawn to join us! Steve Miller was super fantastic and every single song was classic. He played the entire “Joker” album from Shu Ba Du Ma Ma Ma Ma to Wild Mountain Honey. The vibe of the crowd was so much in sync with the music that when he later played a stellar rendition of Jet Airliner at that precise moment a jet airliner passed overhead and we all waved and blew kisses towards the sky.

“See what my Sweetie started?” That’s what my boyfriend said to me as I pranced, danced, leaped, stretched and oozed into a happy unstoppable groove . At first I was the only one dancing and little by little crowds gathered around us. For a moment (so into the music) I actually felt like I had gone back in time. Whenever I would stop moving people would start clapping for me and coming over to ask who I was! Ming gave everyone my blog card and now we have even more subscribers. Yahoo! Yippee!
I was having so much fun I just couldn’t believe it. So, my dear friends and family…next time I invite you to a concert please come along and be part of the Ageless practice firsthand. I promise it will be an experience that you will never forget! Make that a peace-promise…pass the rose petals please….Shu Ba Du Ma Ma Ma Ma…..




pam said...

sounds amazing, sorry I missed it! It would have been another "yellow submarine" fun time!!

brianamet said...

ok, ok, so you made us all feel guilty, but we're all pretty sure we know what it was like based on your written-down experience!!

Michael said...

WOW! Summer looked like it just got started all over again or may be reaching peak! Those photos are making your faithful readers feel like we are missing out on the party of the summer or a good time. Well if we couldn't do it, someone gotta do it and it had to be YOU! Go girl!!! Rock the Summer!!!

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