Friday, November 1, 2013


This coming November 18th will be the two year anniversary of Aunty’s passing into heaven.
My close friends know that losing Aunty in the physical sense has not been easy for me.
The loss was profound. The good news is Aunty’s spirit is alive and well and better than ever! Everywhere I go Aunty is remembered and talked about as if she were still here. This makes me so happy. And I know she loves that. Shortly after her death I came to realize a spirit that pure and that Godly cannot ever die. And, I give witness to that every single day. I know unequivocally Aunty is Everywhere! Miraculously we are still “in a relationship.”
Take for example two weeks ago in church. One place Aunty and I spent a lot of time together was church. And it’s still hard to attend mass without her by my side. A couple of weeks ago, I simply could not hold back the tears of not having that perfect human being beside me as I stepped into the pew.  When the tears couldn’t be held back any longer I noticed out of the corner of my eye this lovely little flower. When I looked closer it had a heart in the middle of it! I picked it up and held it throughout the mass. I brought it home and put it in water. It has floated for two weeks! Aunty tells me she is watching over me and sends her love wholeheartedly, exactly as she has all her life.
I am not the only one who Aunty comes to. Gracie was Aunty’s’ other best pal and Gracie misses Aunty beyond words. Because Gracie and I have long felt that the essence of Aunty is like the warmth of the sun, we always think of her when we see sunflowers and other comforting works of nature. Above Aunty holds the bright flower while Gracie holds her. 
Gracie holds an Aunty Flower
A few months ago miraculously in Gracie’s’ front yard this sunflower appeared. She swears she did not plant it. “It’s my little Love Face,” Aunty’s sweet friend declares.  If you knew Aunty like we know Aunty this is not hard to believe. Aunty was and always will be one of God’s flowers. By all accounts the word Precious could describe her. I know it might seem hard to believe but she really was that selfless.
Today is All Saints Day in the Catholic Church. It also would have been Aunty and Uncle D’s 71st wedding anniversary! They were married on All Saints Day, November 1, 1942. Having lived with them for my entire life (till two years ago) I can testify…they were Saintly. And now they are Angels. And, anyone who has lost a loved one…. I AM GLAD TO REPORT FROM THE FRONT LINES….YOU NEVER REALLY LOSE ANYONE WHEN THERE IS TRUE LOVE! THEY ARE ALWAYS WITH YOU. LIKE AUNTY PROMISED…. “FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.”
Here at Ageless with Aunty....She's your Aunty too….


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

May her spirit keep you beaming with hope!

Renee Gold said...

Carroll and G....I thank you for saying how much you "LOVE Aunty too.... " can you say it on the blog?!

brianamet said...

One way or another, I have to admit that the spirit of Aunty is most definitely alive...the heart in the flower is almost a miracle. Keep the love alive, Renee, you beautiful woman!

Michael said...

I believe that the spirit of your/any loved one does reveal him/herself in miraculous and interesting ways, especially if the love is strong and deep as in your life. Two unusual sightings in a flower and a new plant of the same species- that is definitely wild. Also aunty has one in her hand with her pal, Gracie. Hmmmm!!!!!

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