Monday, July 28, 2014


Kicking the Habit

I wanted to feel better and had recently become sensitive to caffeine. Furthermore, every article I was reading regarding a health issue I was concerned about said to eliminate caffeine. Wait a minute…how would this coffee lover do that? So, instead of saying I would do it, I simply did it. I knew that I would feel better and be more relaxed without coffee in my system every day. So, I kicked the caffeine habit just like that. I am so happy and feel so good. 

This feat is a lot easier than you might think. I had some help from a guy named Peet. I discovered Peets’ Water Processed Decaf and it’s truly fantastic. When you get superior coffee, like from Peet’s, or Beanstock, you can trust it’s the best. When the decaffeination process is done with water rather than harsh chemicals it becomes safe to drink. The best part is it tastes exactly like regular coffee. I am amazed at how good my new brew is. We all know about coffee addiction. It’s real. Imagine having your coffee without any jitters, anxiety, headaches, and raised blood pressure.
Mr. Smiley after his Decaf

Without the caffeine in my diet I sleep better, and have lowered my blood pressure. That in itself is no easy task. It feels more like a miracle. And my mother is happy too (for some reason she didn't like me having caffeine).

So, I want my readers to know that if you give up regular coffee and switch to decaf you don’t ever have to give up the taste of fine coffee! With these extraordinary water processed decafs I feel like I have the best of both worlds…. And, let’s face it…how often does that happen!

See Peets

I suggest Mocca-Java Decaf, Water-process decaffeination makes this rich, ancient blend of Java and Ethiopian Mocca a discerning decaf. It’s fabulous! And I was told it was organic.

Or try Beanstock Coffee Roasters:
And get their Sumatra Organic Decaf~ heavenly is the only way to describe it!

Here’s to your health…….


brianamet said...

The last time I tried to give up the caf, I was told I had turned into a real B-----. It's certainly not easy, maybe it's time to give it another try. Thanks for the support!

Michael said...

It is very interesting that coffee and it's caffeine have conflicting reports as well as affect some people in different ways. Some of us are/seem more sensitive to caffeine with different symptoms. You are more aware of it and in-tune with your body and mind. Thanks for sharing another ageless tip and a good alternative.

Anonymous said...

You sure know how to kick a habit in style! Nice leg and stretch!!!

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