Thursday, October 16, 2014


Want to have a super fabulous and fun Saturday night this month….Well, why don’t you do what I did last Saturday night and watch Ghostbusters while enjoying a cool pumpkin ale!
After several hours at the library of some serious studying I came up with this great idea. While I was putting my books and papers away I thought what can I do tonight that won’t cost much but yield lots of laughs and taste good too. This time of year I always crave a pumpkin beer. And, for some reason the movie Ghostbusters popped into my head. This comedy classic seemed very appropriate for October.  Luckily the library had the DVD and I immediately checked it out. On the way home I passed a very alluring spirit shop (as in alcohol spirits) and I bought some Shipyard Pumpkin head beer from a fancy display.
Later that night my boyfriend joined me and we watched the movie while enjoying the brew in pint glasses rimmed with sugar and cinnamon. After a fit of laughter he declared “My sweetie created another Tradition. We have to do this next year.”  (I was already thinking next week).
The zesty, aromatic brewed beer and the paranormal comedy Ghostbusters proved a fantastic combination. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. When the movie came out over thirty years ago (yes that is three zero) I was much younger and didn’t pay much attention to it. But, now I can really appreciate the humor.
Over the years I have become a fan of the late Harold Ramis, who wrote the script with Dan Aykroyd, and played the role of Egon Spengler. The name alone cracks me up. Mr. Ramis also directed, wrote, and acted in several other comedy classics including Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Stripes, and more. He was an extremely funny guy. I had the distinct privilege of talking with him at a film festival in his honor not that long ago (I will be glad to share that with you another time).
Enjoying the supernatural classic comedy Ghostbusters with the lights low, candles flickering, Halloween decorations in the window, while relishing a delightful seasonal potion so crisp and tasty, was a perfect fall Saturday night at the movies. We paused, and played some lines over and over at least five times. It was hilarious. And, in total all this fun and coziness cost just under ten dollars!
 If you take my suggestion make sure you turn the volume up and pay attention. There are so many funny lines and scenes I wouldn’t want you to miss a single one!
Warning: your cheeks might hurt from extreme laughter…
Who You Gonna Call....


Michael said...

I saw this movie too and it was beyond hilarious. There were many subtle jokes that can be easily missed as they talk like it was just normal. Also there may be one or two that I didn't get. Highly recommended to make a new tradition for Halloween with the family for fun and laughter. Make it a family night!

pam said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Definitely on the to do list this month.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the kid and his car. Still a great movie after all these years. It is a classic. You just keep reminding us to keep laughing and having fun.

Renee Gold said...

Thanks everyone. I truly appreciate the comments.
I get emails too, and we are so happy that Ageless with Aunty is alive and well....!

Trisha said...

My boys and I LOVED this movie and use to "play" Ghostbusters all the time. They had the back packs and we had hours of fun playing. To this day, 20 years later, we still love this movie! Thanx for reminding us we can always re-visit the fun that is out there in the world...even from the past! xo

brianamet said...

Happy Halloween!

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