Wednesday, May 6, 2015


In the words of the ancient Chinese philosopher ...
If you understand others you are smart.
If you understand yourself you are illuminated...
When I heard those words last night from a very wise friend
they truly resonated with me on a deep level.
That's exactly what I would hope to be
THE WAY THERE  of course is self-reflection.
We must, as my last post stated, look at ourselves as to how we
are actually living. And, with courage and compassion keep looking within, more openly and honestly without judgment
to our truest essence.
To see things clearly is a serene happiness and freedom. And, eventually we become
a beacon of light for others.
Here is to clear seeing, wise view, and, lighting up the world!
Can you take a moment today, and every day to self-reflect and see what you have learned. And what do you know about your true self? It is not so easy to do, but...
Connect to heaven and harmony awaits. I promise...
For anyone interested in Lao Tzu:
He was a philosopher and poet of ancient China. He is best known as the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching and the founder of philosophical Taoism.
These days he can be found on Google.


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Beautiful words and photos to accompany them! Best wishes!

pam said...

Keep the positive thoughts coming, it's inspiring!

MinistryOfScience said...

Nice post Renee. Your blog illuminates your readers

brianamet said...

Harmony. It's very special to some of us...and I mean in music. Several voices coming together as a back up that all blend and swim in the music. That's why the oldies are so special. Peace & Love!

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