Monday, May 18, 2015


A miracle drink...
Temple Turmeric is my drink of choice these days.
I was introduced to this health concoction
at a recent yoga open house.
One sip and I was hooked.
It taste healthy. And, I feel healthy drinking it.
The ingredients are simply turmeric, ginger, spearmint and things like coconut
water, and greed tea.

 These days health experts cant say enough good about Turmeric and so,
there's a great deal of anti-inflammatory goodness in each little bottle.
Not to mention I have heard some say it helps
with weight loss.
I might be able to
get my bikini body back
 The Turmeric they use is the Best on Earth from Hawaii.
Quite simply I feel really good when I drink any of their sublime elixirs. It even looks healthy!
And so, as the creator and writer of a blog called Ageless how could I not share this great new product with my followers and readers?!
See you at the Temple:
And, I must add, that I am not a doctor or nutritionist so,
please check with yours if you have any health concerns or restricted diet.


Reflections and Travels with Ronaldo said...

Thanks, Renee. 'Tumeric' has ginger in it. We use it quite a lot in the Caribbean, esp. as a food coloring for our curries. I use it much also.

brianamet said...

Yeah know, it sounds good, but I think I'll let it seek me out....

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