Friday, May 22, 2015


I am a writer and a product designer. Before I know it I will get my book published (in a big way) AND sell my product around the world! I will do this simply because I say it, see it, feel it, and I am living into it. Also, the message I have is simple. All the magic is within us already. Each one of us is already empowered. We just let lots of stuff, stories and conditioning get in the way. But, for any brave souls who brush off the dust, erase those stories we tell ourselves, and take those first few steps….well, we eventually find out there really was nothing to fear! It’s all true. Life is what we make it.
I will share with any future entrepreneurs out there to live as if.  Someone recently asked me if I were a millionaire. I almost went into shock. At the moment I am the furthest thing from it. Yet, I live as if I am. I have the mindset, and it’s happening…

Here I am with Mr. Johnson of Johnson and Johnson
Today on Twitter I am with Richard Branson, well, kind of (it’s a must see @reneegold).  Follow me here, and on Twitter for an up-close and personal look at a Bona Fide Rags to Riches story in the making. In all of my life I have not ever had so little and been close to so much. Yet, my heart, spirit, and soul are as rich as can be. That is this entrepreneur’s secret! I believe I am already there.  I have a vision that I will not waver from. I am living into it….

 My gift, goal, and mission in life is to inspire, uplift, entertain, and empower others.  I pray I keep rising to the calling, hopefully with the right balance of humor and heart! Stay tuned…what I have up my sleeves is BIG. I believe I have created the next “IT” item….and once I get there; well,I am already planning on how I will give back!
With love,
Renee Faith Gold

Keep the Faith and you will see the GOLD!


MinistryOfScience said...

And Richard Branson started with nothing more than a tiny record store.

pam said...

You are already rich, simply because you have passion. Thanks for keeping it real, xoxo!

brianamet said...

Thanks for being here. After this awful week, coming here is the closest I ever get to being "centered". Thanks, love!

Renee Gold said...

Jennifer says, (via my email) I have no doubt my mind that you will be owning your own Bentley. Lots of love and hugs XO

Anonymous said...

Do I see Aunty in that tea cup? Her heart is everywhere!

brianamet said...

I think I've learned from your blog that you should never stop believing. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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