Sunday, August 22, 2010


relaxing after a good cry

With all the work I do, like securing an agent for my first book, working on the second, taking care of Aunty, fighting to save Grace (I will explain later), maintaining a blog, and just trying to live a life…I had to take a couple of days off. I headed for Martha’s Vineyard. It just happened to be the busiest week of the summer with the President arriving, the annual fair, Illumination Night, and their fireworks celebration. I managed to book the one available room. I was delighted to find out that the farmhouse I would be staying at had an outdoor shower, a cozy hammock, and a certain something spectacular which I will write about soon.

Does anyone know anything about hammock etiquette, or how you get in and out of those things? Once I put my feet up, it was impossible not to relax. I cried for the first few minutes while my psyche adjusted to a state of pure relaxation. Later, that hot afternoon, the owner suggested I try the outdoor shower. What a blast. The feeling is ageless. Lathering up with lavender soap under the August sun, with the sky overhead, and a breeze to dry you, makes for a truly unforgettable experience. I hope all my readers can find a way to such bliss, and such a simple pleasure, before summer is over.

Please enjoy what warm days we have left. I promise to be back soon with one incredible tale of my time on Martha’s Vineyard. I found a way to go back in time. I sat and watched the sun setting on a beach. And, yes, I did manage to get close to the president. It might not be what you think…but, I followed what I said in the closing of my last blog post. Now the story of my two and a half days on MV is one of my favorites yet….

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Unknown said...

I like summer season, because it is the time when I go to my grandparents home and enjoying beauty of nature.Very nice memories of you,I am waiting for your next post.

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