Thursday, August 5, 2010


Behind every Ageless Aunty is an amazing Grace…

As I have mentioned in previous posts taking care of Aunty is no easy task…sure, Aunty is happy, radiant, fun, and “a real hoot,” but, she does get forgetful and doesn’t like to be alone. That means as her sole caregiver, I am always with her. And, when I can’t be, I turn to Aunty’s long time companion, Gracie. This is where I bow and genuflect.

Gracie adores Aunty almost as much as I do! She would do, and has done, anything for aunty. And, if it were not for Gracie, I would not have any time to go for a walk alone, sit in a meditation class, or go out with my friends. Gracie is part of the family and truly a life saver.

Gracie and Aunty have their Tuesday and Saturday routines, including die-hard card games, and stopping at Building 19. Aware, and amazed at all the attention Aunty draws, Gracie loves to say… “Aunty held court today.” Usually that means at McDonald's. Gracie and Aunty are best friends. I have come to see that continuity of care for an elderly person is essential. Gracie’s love and concern is one of the reasons Aunty is thriving in her 8o’s. Aunty asks for Gracie if a few days go by and we don’t see her.

The three of us have countless jokes. These days we are calling ourselves the CBC (that’s Cowboy Club) because I keep saying I can’t get the picture of the three of us sitting on horses out of my head. And, since we are no shabby dreamers, we are also hopeful that once my publishing career takes off, we will be able to go to Hawaii.

To make our tropical dream more real….we recently gave Gracie this framed picture (above) of the three of us in hula skirts. Since Grace just finished reading my manuscript, and loved it so much, she’s convinced, “Hawaii is a real possibility.” Something tells me Aunty’s buddy is secretly buying hula skirts at Building 19 (the only store east of Honolulu that might carry them).

In Gracie’s words… “I am the CEO of the CBC, and I love my Aunty as much as can be! I am not buying one grass skirt. I am buying three.”

And when she is not saying “Aloha” she is calling me her “author.” She often says with love, “I wish you were my daughter!”

Ageless Tip of the Week: if you don’t have a Gracie of your own, find one, pray for one, or manifest one quick. Or borrow ours from Building 19…

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