Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Rockin out at Fenway...

They said it could not be done….but then my motto kicked in…Where There’s a Will There’s Renee!

In my post J. Geils, I talked about the fact that I did not have tickets to last week’s J. Geils and Aerosmith’s sold out show at Fenway Park. Everyone knew that I was so determined to get tickets that even the Boston Herald newspaper wrote (page five on Saturday August 14th 2010) “Renee Gold, of Ageless with Aunty, doesn’t have tickets but plans to show up anyway.”

So, I did what my friends call Pulled a Renee….

I put on my rock and roll garb, including the original J. Geils tee-shirt, grabbed some cash and headed towards Kenmore Square in Boston. I believed I would find someone selling tickets. Eventually, outside of House of Blues, my sister and I met a guy and his girl who had two extra tickets. Ten minutes before the show we gave him all the money we had between us, which was about three hundred dollars (ouch…. I honestly have not ever paid that much for a ticket in my life) and we walked into Fenway Park, into the concert that had sold out in twenty-three minutes.
When I realized we had last row, grandstand seats, I put on my sky blue rock and roll cap and my mirrored shades, and grabbed my sister’s hand. We moseyed into a great empty section of box seats and carried on as if we belonged there. Miraculously we were able to stay in the good seats all night….well, almost all night. Towards the end of the show, the generous guy standing next to us asked, “Would you like to go down front?” Silly question…. Next thing I knew…

while Aerosmith played Walk This Way….WE DID! My sister and I, and some guy who obviously worked for Fenway, went traipsing through the crowd of over thirty thousand, while I waved my glowing magic wand. We made our way up close to Steven Tyler…who by the way, is AGELESS. He looks great.

It was such a rush I almost jumped out of my skin. And both bands were incredible… It was worth every dollar.

I guess I will have to ask you to come back soon OR SUBSCRIBE TO THE RIGHT, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, to hear about how we got into one of the after parties at House of Blues…Things just kept getting better all night! Not only did I walk that way, but, I walked the talk of this blog: I kept unleashing that triumphant spirit….where anything is always possible… and no dream is too big.

Rock on~


Anonymous said...

How exciting, Renee! Fabulous photo's!

Kittie Howard said...

You're amazing, Renee!

Unknown said...

Great work!! I love the way your words just flow.

MinistryOfScience said...

Another great commando-groupie win! Nice post Renee.

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