Friday, November 12, 2010


John Pizzarelli & Jessica Molaskey

Lately, all I have to do is wish something, or simply mention it, and voila…there it is…

On a recent post I talked about the Pizzarelli’s, and the Carlyle Hotel in New York. Well, just like that, here I am at the legendary Carlyle Hotel in New York, with the famous Pizzarelli’s.

A generous friend put me up as her guest. The Carlyle is a swanky and truly old-school New York hotel. The Pizzarelli's perform in the elegant Café Carlyle, where you will find little pink lamps on the tables.

While my friend and I were traipsing through the lobby, chatting about agents, and my future as a writer, she said, “I just know you are going to make it Renee.” No sooner had she said that, we stopped in our tracks, in awe over the three gold stars on the door. “My lucky stars,” I gushed.
When I talked earlier about the stars aligning, I wasn’t kidding. If this keeps up, I should have an agent soon (especially since all I do is work in-between these posts). Becoming a celebrated, published author has been my dream for a long time. I want to share the message that life really is a banquet!

Allow the laws of attraction to work for you. Put something out there that you wish for or believe should happen for you, then see it to fruition.

Next post, I promise to say who the famous actor was, that I met in the elevator. Hint: he wasn’t wearing black…any guess?

By the way, the show was sensational, and you can check out everything Carlyle at

See Woody Allen play the clarinet on Monday nights, and pictures of Jackie O on the walls.

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