Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Since many of you have been asking who the man was I met in the elevator last week, in New York, I will tell you. Right before the elevator operator shut the door, I heard a voice say, “Just a minute.” A man and a woman stepped in. The dude was tall and handsome, with a presence that overpowered the small space. When I realized who he was, (remember, I am a movie fanatic) my heart started beating so fast, I thought I might faint.

“Are you Tommy Lee Jones?”
“Why yes I am,” he replied.

He cordially introduced me to his wife. As lovely and as personable as she was, I was so excited about talking to Tommy Lee Jones, I forgot her name. But, I could not forget all the roles he has played. My personal favorite was Doolittle Flynn in Coal Miner’s Daughter. I saw that movie at least seven times. He has starred in countless movies from Men in Black, and Lonesome Dove to The Eyes of Laura Mars and No Country for Old Men. He is currently filming Men in Black 3
Tommy as "Doo"

You might be thinking I should have asked for a picture with him. I probably should have, considering part of this blog is about me chasing (the) stars. But, in that moment, I was on his level. We were at the same hotel, on the same floor, talking about how much we love New York; I just couldn’t burst that bubble. However, we were on a top floor, and the longer ride down gave me more time to gush~

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