Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here in New England today, some areas got a walloping 24 inches of powder!

Some ways to make the most of this, and other snow days to come….

Build a snowman. It’s more fun than you think. Frolicking in the snowfall is one way to satisfy your inner child. It's one of my favorite anti-aging tricks. The more snow, the younger I feel.

Watch every episode of I Love Lucy (which Aunty is doing while I write). I hear my great Aunty laughing hysterically. I am afraid she is laughing so hard, she might burst! As for me, I Love Lucy has to be my favorite TV show of all time! It’s so hilarious it’s taking me four hours to write this one post, because Aunty keeps calling me to say… “You have to see this.”

Read blogs… Hopefully mine will help put a spring in your step, as one of my readers exclaimed. It really is all for YOU! My friend Kittie Howard’s blog, The Block, is also recommended. Miss Howard is a terrific writer.

If you feel like getting nostalgic, put down your blackberry and grab hold of some bound pages, aka a book. I happen to know the great Roland Merullo. His books, including Breakfast with Buddha, are worth sitting down to.

When the view outside your window looks like a Currier and Ives card…Meditate and Reflect…the snow has power…it’s magical. My late Uncle D used to say, “Snow cleanses the air.” Ever since I was a child, and Aunty would make hot buttered (Italian bread) toast and hot chocolate when my cousins and I would come in from sledding, I have loved winter. Things have changed a bit over the years. After this blog post, I will be buttering Aunty’s whole wheat toast with marmalade made of violet-flowers from France.

And, one of my new favorite snowstorm splurges is… ordering cozy items while shopping online. May I suggest Farmaesthetics? I just ordered their Nourishing Lavender Milk moisturizer. It’s a product Aunty and I share, and we can’t seem to get enough of it. After you come in from the cold, it’s the perfect balm to rub into your red cheeks and soothe your senses. They blend the perfect amount of lavender in every batch. The scent is heavenly. This spa-like product is a great complement to a snowy day and a wintery night. I know you’ll be pleased.

Why not try a new recipe for homemade cookies today. I have one that’s outstanding. …organic rose sugar cookies. They fare well with a cup of healthy green tea. You can get the recipe, along with the world’s finest tea, from Rishi tea.

Stay tuned to this blog…Ageless Aunty and I will help keep your snow globe glowing wherever you are….



webdework said...

It was really a fun time while spending holidays in just like this snow place..I like your snowman so much..It looks so cute...really....
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Trisha said...

Who couldn't love snow after reading your latest post! Even I seem to have a different view on snow and I have a HUGE aversion to snow, in ANY amount! Thanks for helping me to stay young at heart by helping me remember my inner child's delight in making a snowman! Love you!

Dawn said...

Cool, COOL blog today! I love your energy and outlook on life! And thanks to you, I am checking into Louis Prima's music...

carroll said...

Renee, You make a snow day fun! So many of us have forgotten those simple pleasure and focus on the down side of so much snow. We live in New England. It is what happens here. If we focus on the fun side of the snow , rather than the not so fun, maybe it is a way to remain ageless????

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