Friday, January 21, 2011


Last night Aunty and I were shopping. I spotted this stunning handbag, and immediately thought this is exactly what I am looking for. I fell in love with the size, the soft, colored leather, and the design. The bag had a muted image of what looked like Italy, with a purple and pale blue background. Since I had been looking for a new satchel for some time, I decided I would buy it. In light of my recent blog post about travel, I figured this might be as close to Italy as I can get. Then I looked at the price. I should have known. The pocketbook was seven hundred dollars! I couldn’t believe it. Every other handbag was under fifty dollars. But, I should have. I seem to have radar for everything first-class and spectacularA taste for Cristal on a Boone's Farm budget.

We traipsed over to another department store where they were having a huge winter sale. From a distance I saw the most dazzling pocketbook. It was metallic blue, and even had a long shoulder strap, which was perfect for me. I was so excited. I figured it couldn’t cost too much money, most girls don’t like the long strap, and with the fifty percent off, I might get lucky. Drum roll please….Up close, the swanky item cost twenty five-hundred dollars! That was the sale price. I was stunned. All I could think of was why does this always happen to me? Yet, I know I am not alone. Those of us with this condition should get together. I can see us now. We’ll book the Four Seasons but crash at the Red Roof. We’ll want dinner at the Ritz, seven is fine, but end up at Olive Garden with a glass of red wine.

To make myself feel better, I bought a split of French champagne, spritzed myself with Tom Ford’s private label perfume, and headed home. I tucked my one piece, Mickey Mouse, K-Mart pajamas (that say, let it snow) into my new Uggs, and watched some old footage of yacht racing while skimming a Sotheby’s Catalog. Aunty rolled quarters (so we could do laundry). Forget buying a handbag; what I really need is a washing machine. And, I have my heart set on nothing but a remote vision, Jetson’s-like, Miele. Of course, it’s the best washing appliance made. Some things never change.
And what does this all have to do with being Ageless? Well, it's okay to dream long as you are happy wherever you are. Especially, happy at heart!

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brianamet said...

OMG -I'm exactly the same way!!! An item catches my eye, and OF COURSE, it's the most expensive one on the rack. It's a curse to have such great taste, isn't it?!?!?

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