Monday, March 21, 2011


This blog is currently undergoing a new look. In the mean time, please excuse things like the LARGE FONT at the top, the missing "subscribe" button, and posts spreading so wide across the screen.
We will return as soon as my computer guru gets better.
We have a lot to share with you. I had lunch with two wise men, experienced a full super-moon gong, with Aunty no less, and for all we know, I might be pulling a rabbit out of my hat! It seems to be the general consensus, if anyone can do it, I can.

Thank you so much for following AGELESS WITH AUNTY, where anything is possible...
And, please don't forget to vote for Aunty and me, in the More Beauty Search. Every vote counts. And, you can vote once a day. If we win, we all win, because the prize money will allow me to continue this blog! I give you my word, there is a lot in it for you if you stick around...I have something MAGICAL up my sleeve. Until then....


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