Thursday, March 3, 2011


Compassion yields better results than any day-cream

Because I could use the ten-thousand dollar prize money, I just spent two days trying to enter a magazine contest. But, for whatever reason, the publication's website would not accept my entry. I got so frustrated I had to take a walk around the block, and do some deep breathing. You all know how upsetting it can be when computers don't do what we want or need them to do! Since I took the time preparing, I will share my story/entry with you. I won't win ten-thousand dollars, but, your interest is priceless...

The assignment was: with words and a picture, tell us why you feel more beautiful now than ever before.
If you go within, you will never go without!
We are born beautiful, and have all we ever need every day of our life. I feel blessed in my awareness of what true beauty is and where I can always find it. Thus, my friends and family say I look better now than I did in high-school and college! And, I feel great.

When you have a compassionate, open heart, full of gratitude for what you have, then you will shine from within. When you are thankful for what you have, somehow your body sends out signals that manifest into a better looking you! I witness this phenomenon all the time in kind and benevolent people.

Everyone around me has new cars, wardrobes, vacation homes, and many have children. I have none of those things. I am a struggling writer and full time caregiver to my Great Aunty with memory issues. Yet, I am told over and over again, that I glow, and that I am such a “happy person.”

Five years ago, I lost everything. But, through all that pain and loss, I found myself. Not only did I come out the other side, but, I came out bigger and better, because I discovered my own inner strength and power, which of course, had been there all along.

During those challenging times, I gave up an enormous portion of my life to care for my Great Aunty Helen. And by far, that single act of self-sacrifice has made me a more beautiful woman. I am confident that the way to true beauty is; going inward, being grateful, and embodying the word love.There is nothing I wouldn't do for my Great Aunty, and those I love.

The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.

I would like to add, that it is a good idea to re-visit your inner child too. I experience joy on a daily basis. It doesn’t cost a thing to sing, skip, or dance, or to see the good in others. I have a blog called Ageless with Aunty where you will find my 87 year old Aunty and me, easing through whatever life brings our way...the good, the bad, and the lovely.

Thanks Dear Readers~


pam said...

thanks for the inspiration!

MinistryOfScience said...

Knowing what I know about the Aunt I must concur! Time for a bigger tiara?

Lisa Johnson said...

What a beautiful post and sentiment! I hope the $10k or more will make it to you in a different way. : )

Renee Gold said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to leave a comment. I got a lot of email with this post too. But, a special thanks to those who leave comments, because the agents can see I really do have readers! Merci

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