Monday, February 28, 2011


Mark Wahlberg...OMG!

My love affair with cinema

Ever since I was a child I was utterly fascinated with films. I can recall running up to the screen with my friend Richie, who loved movies too. We wanted to touch the stars.

Not much has changed over the years. Last summer, I danced in the aisle at the end of Mama Mia! I had such an adrenaline rush from the good feelings that film brought forth, my breathing pattern changed. And, just yesterday, I stood and cheered, complete with raised fists, at the end of The Fighter. That film grabbed my heart. No pun intended, it just knocked me out.

With such an ardent love for movies, I started writing screenplays some time ago. My scripts are high-concept and very funny. I believe they will stand the test of time. All I need now is to polish them up and make some contacts. Of course, that is easier said than done, so, in the mean time, I have this blog and book to keep me busy. But, I will surely get back to my scripts, because I have come up with stories I would love to see on the big screen.


Being so enamored with the movie business, it’s only natural that I might develop a crush on a certain leading man every now and again. These days, it’s Mark Wahlberg and Colin Firth. Yes, two distinct looks and styles. But, I would love to sip tea with Colin and rap with Mark, my Boston Boy! I am thinking about going to Mark’s restaurant (about an hour from where I live) and just keep going back until he shows up. I know I would swoon if I met him. My cheeks are flush at the thought. Something tells me a little swooning has the same anti-aging effects as resveratrol. At this rate I’ll never get old.

Who’s your Justin Bieber?

Colin Firth, My name is Renee, how do you do?
Congratulations on your Oscar for Best Actor


Richie Southwick said...

Hey Renee, love the shout out, but yes, did we not fall in love with the cinema. Anne of a Thousand Days, was one of our best. :)

Love and miss you and stay forever young, you are an inspiration to me.....

Unknown said...

I enjoy your writing. Happy Birthday to your Aunty.

I hesitate to mention this, however, I feel you might appreciate knowing that you are raving about Donnie Wahlberg yet have posted a picture of Mark Wahlberg. Mark is the star of The Fighter, The Perfect Storm, the creator of Entourage, etc. If you look up Mark's picture with a tattoo online you'll see confirmation.

With Jenna Blum referring lots of folks to your blog, you may want to correct this and then erase my comments.

Best wishes, Fellow Writer. Keep writing!
A Friend

Renee Gold said...


Thank you so much. I can not believe I was so excited about Mark Wahlberg, that I called him by his brother’s name.
But, there is no mistaking Mark Wahlberg! I find this hysterical. Luckily I can laugh at myself….and I appreciate your comment. I am also thrilled that the great Jenna Blum is talking up my blog! She fab.

Roger said...

OH he's a wonderful man, I just wished I could meet him!

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landscape canvas art said...

Ahh he is divine, love him!

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