Monday, February 14, 2011


My Valentine Delivered….

I was so happy to receive a dozen roses from my Valentine! Roses are timeless, ageless, and so romantic….And, he didn’t stop there…he brought me a cake (yummy vegan chocolate) declaring his love.

 I just found out he’s bringing more gifts today. Then, after dinner, he’s taking Aunty and me to see Gnomeo & Juliet. That’s the new animated 3D movie featuring garden gnomes as star crossed lovers.

 Since I happen to love those little creatures, I can’t wait. Aunty and I have this thing for 3D! We behave like little kids once we put those glasses on. I remember when I took her to see U2 in 3D; she kept trying to touch Bono. When we recently saw Big Wave Tahiti in 3D, being so close to the images, I felt like I was surfing. I was ooh-ing and ah-ing, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say splashing, through the entire movie. I think Aunty actually thought we were surfing...

Here are a few unique gift suggestions for the Valentine on your list:

For the first time in the US, you can now get Pistachio Liqueur from Dumante. According to Marty’s Fine Wines this delectable liqueur is made from the finest Sicilian pistachios. Marty says, “It’s delicately sweet and subtle,” and, comes in an attractive bottle perfect for gift-giving.

Lisn Incense by Shoyeido, from Kyoto Japan has some of the most alluring fragrances I have ever whiffed. The Lisn line (with scents like Swing Your Heat, and Catch Her Beat) lives up to the word, sublime. I don’t think anyone can resist the scent Hit my Soul…its jasmine based, and reminds me of exactly what heaven would smell like! This item is hard to find, but worth the effort. The last phone/fax number I had for them is 075-721-6006.

If the best day of your life could ooze itself into a jar, Clementine Body Scrub by Laura Mercier, would be the result. My guess is most women would relish any of Laura’s lavish products. I know I would. If this scent is out of stock, the rest of the irresistible line is also “inspired by the aura and aroma of a French Patisserie.”

I would also like to suggest making your own cards for Valentine’s Day, or special occasion. You might not think you have time, but, it’s easier than you think. Whenever you see a picture that catches your fancy in a magazine, or a catalog, or one that reminds you of someone, cut it out and put it in a plastic bag or file. Next time you go shopping pick up some blank paper cards. They come in bunches at craft stores and such. Then, all you need is a glue stick and a colored pen or two. Over the years I have given many memorable cards this way. People seem to appreciate the effort, the creativity, and a tailor-made greeting especially for them. Granted, even though making your own cards is pretty simple, sometimes I don’t even have time to answer the phone or open the mail. But, when I do give a homemade card people notice. Give it a try… If Aunty can do it, so can you…


Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Remember, everyday is Valentine’s Day here at Ageless with Aunty~
This heartfelt blog is our gift to you.


Kittie Howard said...

Beautiful Valentine gifts! Gnomeo and Juliet is my kinda movie, too.

Have a great day!

Am back into the routine after an unfortunate situation in my immediate family.

Unknown said...

Well, I'm happy Kittie introduced us. You have a great looking blog.

Unknown said...

Did your Valentine make the cake?

We had champagne, cheese and french bread, fruit and chocolate. Back to my NY diet today, eating healthy and sparingly.

I guess it is a good thing he doesn't bake!

Anonymous said...

Renee- I love your blog. Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's day. And you deserve that happiness.

How was the movie?

avidreader1989 said...

I recommend that's adorable!

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