Friday, February 25, 2011


According to the news, Facebook is making people miserable. Apparently, when some people go online and see former friends, co-workers, and many others, leading what looks like a perfect life, they start to feel bad about their own life or situation. I want to assure people this is not always the case.

I used to think that everyone else had a better summer than I did. I would fantasize about those dazzling Newport and Nantucket parties I would read about. Then, when I actually attended some of those fabulous affairs, I did enjoy myself, and created memories, but, at the end of the day, it was just another party. Like most things, it sounded better when you read about it in the paper. Many events and situations have a more enticing appeal when written about, talked about, or featured on TV.

When you see these award shows, or movie wrap parties, it all looks divine. Sometimes I say, Oh man, I wish I were there. Well, I am sure they are indeed fun, but, all in all, it’s just another party. I would be willing to bet that if you asked Katy Perry or BeyoncĂ©, they would tell you, with a few exceptions, if you’ve been to one; you’ve been to them all.

I am happy for them, and I hope to be invited to Diddy's White Party soon, or throw one of my own

So, it’s probably true too of your Facebook Friends. The grass is always greener. It’s human nature. Their page may seem bigger and brighter because it’s not yours.

Take this blog for example. In just the last post, I was jumping up and down having a good time with my family. What I did not show, or talk about, was that I had to be home fifteen minutes after that happy picture was taken. I always have to rush home to aunty. The companion will only stay for a few hours. I haven’t shown aunty misplacing her tooth (a partial) and me having to spend days looking all over for it, including in the garbage. What I have decided to do here, as well as with my own life, is focus on the positive!

Don’t ever feel bad about anyone else doing well, or appearing to do well, because, you never really know. Besides, I think it might be scientifically proven that when you are happy for others, more happiness comes your way. And, it’s probably safe to say, life is not easy for anyone.

Next time you read about someone you know, or some movie-star appearing to be having the time of their life, keep it in perspective. There is always more to the story. Why not be as happy as you can be (for yourself).

Make your own fun like only you can. This blog is living proof that it can be done! I am told I create excitement where ever I go. And, since we get back what we put out, a better life follows. That you can believe.


Helen said...

Renee, One of your best articles ever!!

Although I do have to say our experience at Nantucket Film Festival two years ago was one of the best times I ever had!!

Peggy S said...

Hi Renee,

Great writing in relation to the grass always looking greener elsewhere. A very good point and one that needs to be spoken about to remind all of us that life has its up and downs for all of us. That we should all try to emulate what you put forth in your blog to try and enjoy every moment we possibly can and create fun and happiness as often as possible. Your adventurous spirit keeps us all young. Thank you so much for sharing your heart. Love, Peggy

brianamet said...

RE..that was a really good read!!! and SO true!!

ethan said...

It's really true, there's a lot of competition in the virtual world. I believe it does as much harm as good - I made pop art canvas for a living and there's a lot of haters out there.

canvas art said...

That's very true, I couldn't agree more! It's true what you said about just be as happy as you can be!

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