Thursday, February 10, 2011



Many of you have been asking about Aunty. I am pleased to say, she is doing fantastic. She has a big birthday coming up on March 7th….She’ll be 87 years young.

Here she is getting ready to go out for pizza. We have found ways to dine out, and still keep our girlish figures. Our pie was honey, whole wheat, with oodles of fresh vegetables, and we sprinkled our own fresh cheese over it.

In the restaurant, she put on her trendy sunglasses and sipped a Virgin Mary. She knows she is the real star of this blog. It is named, Ageless, after her. This woman is simply incredible beyond all measure. I have never met a better natured person in my life!

She has been through so much, suffered many losses, yet, she wakes up with a smile each and every day, ready to laugh, and spread joy. And, as it turns out, keeps me better company than anyone could ever imagine. I had already loved her more than I thought possible, before she came to live with me, over five years ago. Now, my love, respect, and admiration for her is more than I could ever express in a blog post…it’s off the charts. The only way to accurately describe her is, pure, selfless love. In my book I call her, Mother Teresa in High-Heels.

When I tell someone, “I take care of my aunty,” she corrects me and says…. “We take care of each other!” And we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

She told me today, I am a good person. I knew it was her heart speaking. Hearing that from such an extraordinary, Christ-like woman just healed me on many levels. It was like the sun warming me from all sides.

Close to ninety, with dementia, my Great Aunty is as happy as she has ever been. And, even though I have not been published yet, or made a million dollars from my secret product, knowing I have made this much of a difference in a person’s life, makes mine worthwhile.


Jessica Knight said...

Yay for the update on Aunty! These are great photos. :)

Trisha said...

Nothing like having the Love of someone as Ageless as Aunty to lift you up and help you spread those gifts to the world. Love this blog, you and Ageless Aunty! Thanks for spreading the love...

brianamet said...

Such a good person, you are!!!

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