Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Can you keep a youthful radiance without plastic surgery?

I believe anyone can stay young looking for as long as they want. My dear Aunty is 87, and she has never had even a stitch of plastic surgery. She not only glows, but is truly stunning.

Everywhere, people continue to look outside of themselves for the answers. I think it’s a wise person who knows instinctively, that good health and real beauty come from within. I feel so lucky and ageless to have been blessed with the realization that if you go within you will never go without! And, you won’t need plastic surgery.

To avoid the knife, put foods like kale and salmon on your fork, and, buy a good mattress. From what I can see, anyone, regardless of their age, who does some form of exercise daily, avoids alcohol, or uses it only in moderation, enjoys their work, gets along with their family, feels a sense of connection to others, drinks plenty of fresh water, eats an abundance of green foods, a colorful, balanced diet, is grateful for what they have, and gets at least seven hours sleep, will glow! Generally speaking, a person who nurtures him or herself like this should not need plastic surgery. Also, doing things that boost your confidence, and helping others, is a much safer way to feel better about yourself, and yields longer lasting results than any “procedure.”

I make a split second appearance in this video

I look up to and admire the renowned Kundalini Yoga guru, Gurmukh. She is Ageless, and I know why. She is a perfect example of everything I mention, and then some. She gets up before dawn every morning in praise and thanksgiving. Due to the joy of movement, many yoga teachers and dance instructors look much younger than they are. Happy People look better too, and those in good relationships ooze youth. Julia Roberts had a good take on this when she said, “The secret to beauty is to always be looking at someone who loves you.”

Next time you think you might want to consider any plastic surgery, try changing your job, what’s on your plate, how you move your feet, and what you put on your face. A good quality skin care regime can go a long way too, like a good multi-vitamin. High quality natural products, with soothing aromas, do something for the senses that I believe has a cumulative effect. Investing in a good face cream is worth it. And sip plenty of green tea…Rishi's Organic is choice.

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