Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Higher Ground

Don't ever underestimate the power of prayer and positive thinking. There's a saying that I keep going back to… Ask – Believe – Receive! And, if you hold what you have already (no matter where you are at or what is happening to you) in deep gratitude, things will have a way of working out for you. I say these words for you. I say them for me.
By now everyone knows of my struggle and even loneliness at times, without having Aunty physically present. I'm looking for a job, and a place to live, while still grieving Aunty. Needless to say, it hasn't been the most exciting summer. However, when I look at this picture (and I may even frame it for emphasis) I realize that deep inside I do have an optimistic view. I never give up hope. I am living out everything this blog represents with my glass half-full – always! I smile even when things are not going that great. I pray even in the darkest of times… And then the sun appears. Shortly before this picture was taken it was a cloudy day and many expected rain. When I arrived at the Abbey full of gratitude with shimmering memories of Aunty sparkling in my mind, and, in anticipation for better times ahead, the sun suddenly appeared.
Even now on a glorious summer day I sit alone in a room with no air-conditioning, tired hands (from so much time on the computer) still no job, money almost gone, trying to figure out where I will be living three months from now, I am fully okay. I pray. I breathe deep and pray. I smile, and I even make plans for a day at the beach. Somehow I know that I have everything I need right here inside of me. Thoughtful and quiet prayer, deep meditation and real gratitude will undoubtedly put you in good place/space and allow you to carry on strong.
This blog post is dedicated to anyone who feels lonely today, to anyone who feels overwhelmed, and to anyone who feels unappreciated, or just a bit glum. Not everyone is happy all the time… Even your “upbeat” faithful blogger…. Renée Gold! See if you can make a few minutes for prayer, meditation, and gratitude today. Be in the moment and appreciate just that. Miraculously this creates more to feel grateful about and somehow transcends you (little by little) to higher ground.
I didn’t realize it till now, but, the results from prayer, meditation, gratitude, and even positive thinking are all cumulative. I just think that's wonderful news. And the view is more beautiful and clear the higher up you go.
 Did I mention that one of the things I had been praying for and visualizing was to have "more of my family around me."


brianamet said...

You're beautiful, Renee.

carroll said...

You are absolutely glowing..... or is it Aunty in the chair next to you? Definitely you,glowing from the inside out!

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