Monday, August 2, 2010

GIVE ME TWO PINA COLADA'S... (and soon you'll know why)

Ageless Aunty now Appearing on YouTube
Here is the link to Aunty's second YouTube video....
She likes to call it...Ageless Aunty tears up the rug!
Let's make Aunty go around the world. Share her zest for life and Ageless Spirit with everyone. Forward this blog link,
check out Renee Gold's Facebook page, and Twitter your Friends... Aunty is certainly Twitter-able.. not to mention adorable.

Help make the world a little more Ageless~

After viewing the video you'll understand why Two Pina Colada's are better than one.
AGELESS TIP OF THE WEEK: Forget YouTube's double rainbow...Try 2 Pina Colada's.


Richie Southwick said...

Oh my goodness, talk about an inspiration? I was up and dancing right with Auntie. We love you, even though you're a better dancer than all of us. :)


Anonymous said...

Ok Auntie, Now it's time for you do some hip hop! tee hee

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