Wednesday, June 29, 2011


~Legally Brunette~

Taking a cue from that adorable movie, Legally Blonde, I strutted about Harvard University on Monday channeling Elle Woods. The day culminated with my meeting with one of the Law Professors. I did not have a diamond collared Chihuahua like Elle, or the handsome Luke Wilson to show me around. Yet, with full aplomb I carried my leather briefcase and made my way past Langdell over to Pound Hall….How did this all come about….

Well, my name is Renee Gold (and, my friends know that means anything is possible at any time). If I told them I would be having lunch with Donald Trump, they would say, “When?” And then Lori would say, “What are you wearing?”

As I mentioned in my post about Keep Your Dreams Alive, I am seriously considering developing a novelty item. I have done a lot of research already. The product I have created (at least in my head and on paper at this point) is magical, charitable, unique, and pretty to behold. Since I have a history of having what looks like some of my ideas stolen, I want to be extra careful this time. I went to the Harvard Law Clinic to discuss working with them. They have a program where the Law Students work on your case and one of the professors oversees everything. I must say, it’s all pretty exciting.

The Professor asked me why as a writer, I would want to take on something else, and being a first time  inventor is something that is not so easy to do. I told him, I have this truly fascinating idea, and it just wants to come to fruition. And, due to the charitable and empowering essence of my project, I feel I should at least try. Of course I will still write. My goal would be to license the product, and go back to working on my second book. I have this image of myself wearing feathery-white, entrepreneurial wings and flying over a bumpy Yellow-Brick Road. I say this because my product is literally as powerful as the Wizard himself, and the Wizard in each of us!

As for Harvard….I have had a long time fascination with this university. As a teenager I would take the bus into Harvard Square and walk around the campus. I have taken courses through the Harvard Extension Program, audited a summer playwriting class, still come up with reasons to be there, like to see a rare film or a public lecture. Saturday mornings I listen to a radio program called Hillbilly at Harvard and sometimes I listen to the Sunday Morning Mass on WHRB because it’s broadcast from The Memorial Church at Harvard University. But, there is nothing like being there. Each time I stand on the premises I am exhilarated. It’s like popping a gigantic gingko biloba pill or having twenty cups of Dunkin Turbo coffee. Going to Harvard, in any capacity, is a rush….

Did you know...six out of the nine current Supreme Court justices studied at HLS.


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I admire you as you follow your dreams. It is not easy to be an inventor/entrepreneur when everyone wants to steal your idea for your new product. You give your readers a sense of adventure as we follow you down the Yellow Brick Road with your red Ruby shoes per previous posting. I wish you all the success in your next endeavor.

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