Thursday, June 23, 2011


Britney Spears on the cover of Harper's Bazaar

Here is my version of a little black dress….A BIG BLACK DRESS! This is the best magazine cover I have seen in years. Britney Spears is a great celebrity…she’s fun to watch, and never gets old. I am glad she is back on top and she looks sensational. This is an outstanding photo of her on the recent cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

I also LOVE the clothes she wears in the magazines. I did a post of my dream coat…the blue Valentino Britney modeled last year (click on the previous blue words to see it). This Dolce & Gabbana long black dress with white stars is the ultimate fantasy dress for me. The price is the same as the Valentino coat…five thousand dollars. That’s a lot of food for aunty and me. The only way I can get this dress (and believe me I am going to try) is, sell many copies of my book (and since it is not published yet that might take a while). So, I have decided to become a hugely successful entrepreneur. And….. since my name is Renee Faith Gold, that is possible. I will keep the Faith and I will see some Gold.

As it turns out, I am about to embark on a high-stakes entrepreneurial journey…. The image of Britney in the Big Black Dress is a part of my vision board. I see myself in this dress holding/wearing my product (the one I am about to develop) and the rest is Forbes Magazine history! My time has come. I am tired of the struggle. Yes, I am a writer indeed, but, until I get published and sell some books, I must come up with a way to make some money. My motivation is keeping Aunty out of a nursing home. It takes a lot of time and money to care for someone with dementia. I have no choice… I must continue giving Aunty the quality of life she deserves. She is so happy. I will do whatever it takes. My product idea is truly beyond amazing…it’s magical, charitable, pretty to look at, and will bring each owner/wearer a little hope. Stay tuned. This blog is blooming! But, dont' let me be the only BIG DREAMER in the house... Ageless Aunty wants to remind you>>> keep your dreams alive…it's never too late, and anything is possible...

Before you know it, celebrities, models and trendsetters will be wearing and carrying my new creation...everyone will want one. And, Aunty will be safe, warm, and cozy at home, as Ageless as ever~

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Anonymous said...

I know you like to dream big and think larger than life. It is great to have a goal or goals in life. I can see you have many, some way beyond our reach, even for the average person, but that does not keep your spirit down. I love the energy and enthusiam. I pray that your dreams and goals materialize not just for you, but also for aunty, your friends and readers. I believe it is just a matter of time and you have been very patient like with your potential book.

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