Monday, June 6, 2011


Our resident Ageless Guru…aka Aunty may be almost ninety years young, but she still knows how to kick up her heels and have fun. Friday night, she turned a night of dining into a night at the disco!

My family and I were having a nice quiet dinner, enjoying some fine wine and conversation. On our way out, Aunty dragged us into the adjacent club for some dancing. “I love to dance,” she declared, as she started moving her hips and pulling us into the joint as soon as she heard the music.

She was flirting with the singer; she danced with the waitress, and made friends with the guys next to us. Before we knew it she got the entire room on its feet. What a sight to see; her happy spirit doing what it does best…making others happy.

How does she stay so vibrant being only a decade away from 100? I think the blueberries, the omegas, and all the green tea I give her help. I also supply her with daily doses of hugs and kisses. And, Aunty does go into the stratosphere of super-happiness when she is around her family! But, most important….she DOES follow the blog Ageless with Aunty. Judging by these pictures and Aunty’s advanced age, I dare say, I think the potent mixture of all of the above is working! She continues to inspire me, and everyone who meets her.

look at that childlike grin on Aunty

For the record, I had to literally pull her out of the place because she would not stop dancing! I was worried  she might not be able to move the next day. I am glad to report....Aunty is alive and kicking! We started our day today listening to Frank Sinatra's You Make Me Feel so Young! And then we danced...

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on taking care of your 87yo aunt who goes out and dance the night away with everyone, when most seniors are sleeping or watching TV. Most amazingly, she is so happy as seen with all the smiles from her and others. You make her world spin or may be she makes your world spin. Neverthelss, both of you are spinning together. WOW!

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