Monday, June 13, 2011


You could even say she glows

There is an extraordinary sacred singer/chant enchantress named Snatam Kaur who has the presence of a saint, and by all accounts, sings like an angel. If you listen to her for even a minute you will immediately understand what I mean. If you see her in concert it will be further validated. If you actually speak with her, and get close to her like I did…you know you are in the presence of someone divine.

I was beaming, and felt like I was having an outer body experience when I met her over the Memorial Day weekend. For Christmas a friend had given me tickets to Snatam’s May concert in Boston. After listening to her chant/sing and radiate love, peace, and all things good, I went down to the front of the stage with hopes of catching a closer glimpse of this amazing being. Having listened to her for months prior, I was channeling my own inner goddess, and before I knew it, I was standing there speaking with Snatam Kaur! How is that for instant karma? I told her she was Ageless and that I strive to be more relaxed and calm like she is. She told me she is trying too. She kindly agreed to pose with me. My dear friend Rory who is great with a camera took the picture. I am going to enlarge the image above as much as I can and frame it in gold leaf!
touched by an angel
These pictures show me that anything is possible. I have been listening to Snatam for years, and envisioning meeting her. I kept that vision before me and brought it to fruition.

Her singing/chanting is exceptional. I have suggested teas, incense, specific products, certain exercises, and much more on this blog. However, if I had to suggest just one thing…it’s listening to Snatam. You will be transformed and enlightened and brought closer to the Divine. She exemplifies what it is to be ageless and blissful.

Visit her stunning site

Sat Nam…Pass the Yogi Tea~

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Anonymous said...

Even though you are a struggling writer like most, you are rich in friends and spiritaulity. You are beaming with light and joy like Snatam Kaur. I never listened to her before until you mentioned her to your readers in a previous posting and in your bio. Now I have seen her and have brought three of her CDs. She is as you stated, you will find yourself in the present of an enlighted being. She is definitely a chanting Guru. Thanks for your sharing her with me/us.

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