Thursday, April 8, 2010


Let the Sunshine In

This is one of my favorite windows in the world.

There is an Abbey I visit whenever possible. The grounds are tranquil, and radiant. The end of a long hall, outside of the chapel, is graced with this window pane. What a glorious view! Whenever I am there, I always stop in this spot to meditate in the light. When I was recently visiting over Easter, I stood there again, but this time with a camera. I had planned to take a picture. I wanted to share what I saw with you. May you experience a sliver of serenity too.

Give yourself a few moments of bliss today. You don’t even have to go anywhere… just look out my Abbey Window! Open it if you’d like– Step out side. Bask in the splendor & simplicity of life. It’s miraculous.

Sat Nam

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Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely place Renee. It made feel ... aaahhhhhh.
Love & hugs, Holly

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